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Ion exchange chromatography:- Hand written notes


Ion exchange chromatography– Introduction, classification, ion exchange
resins, properties, mechanism of ion exchange process, factors affecting ion
exchange, methodology and applications

Ion exchange material can be defrned as water insoluble solid of complex structure and contains ions which are capable of exchanging with ions in the surrounding medium in a reversible process. Since the process of using ion exchange material involves exchange of
ions, the name ion exchanger is given to the material. Use of inorganic clays as means of softening of’water has been recorded long back. Soils, clays and zeolites (natural and synthetic) have been in use to soften water. The ion exbhange capacity of these materials differ markedly. Zeolite has three dimensional network structure
with regular pores through which water can pass. Thus if water containing calcium or magnesium ions is passed through a bed of zeolite containing sodium ions, exchange takes place and water gets purifiecl.

The inorganic ion exchanger of zeolite type has limited applications; as they cannot be used over wide pH range. Further, they are unstable towards acids and bases. Since the synthesis of sulphonic acid and polyamine resins by Adams and Holmes in 1985. a large variety of synthetic resins have been developed. These resins being synthetic in nature have much greater capacities of exchanging ions than of natural resources. The synthetic resins are prepared from variety of materials using styrene, Divinyl benzene (DVB), is
phenolsulphonic acid, phenol-formaldehyde, various amines etc. (a cross linking agent ancl imparts strength to the polymer by joining the chains together of various position).

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