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Drugs for Medical Emergencies MCQs With Answers

Drugs for Medical Emergencies MCQs Question bank

1. Which is NOT an effective approach in preparing for dental emergencies?
a. Patient self-medication.
b. Thorough preoperative evaluation.
c. Nonpharmacologic stress reduction protocol.
d. Pharmacologic sedative techniques employed by the dentist.

2. Which is NOT included in a preoperative dental evaluation for emergency preparedness?
a. Vital signs.
b. Oral history.
c. Radiographic imaging.
d. Written medical history.

3. Which certification is required for dentists that provide general anesthesia?
a. Basic life support (BLS).
b. Emergency medical training (EMT).
c. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
d. Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS).

4. Which is NOT true in regard to dental emergency kits?
a. In a 2-year review, the incidence of use was 0.75%.
b. There should be as few drugs as possible included in the kit.
c. Dental kits should include many drugs for each type of emergency.
d. Dentists should only include the drugs they are familiar with in their kit.

5. Which method of oxygen administration requires advanced training?
a. Use of airway adjuncts such as nasopharyngeal airways.
b. Bag-valve-mask device.
c. Oxygen-powered breathing device.
d. Mouth-to-mask breathing technique.

6. Which critical emergency drug should be stored in the dental emergency kit in preloaded syringes or autoinjectors?
a. Albuterol.
b. Epinephrine.
c. Nitroglycerin.
d. Diphenhydramine.

7. Which emergency drug should NOT be included in a dental emergency kit?
a. Insulin.
b. Aspirin.
c. Glucose.
d. Diazepam.

8. Corticosteroids are the definitive treatment for which emergency situation?
a. Hypoglycemia.
b. Acute bronchospasm.
c. Management of seizures.
d. Acute adrenal insufficiency.

9. Which treatment is the only proven intervention able to restore spontaneous circulation in patients experiencing ventricular fibrillation?
a. Lidocaine.
b. Vasopressin.
c. Epinephrine.
d. Defibrillation.

10. Which drug is NOT approved for use in an emergency without advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification?
a. Oxygen.
b. Morphine.
c. Diazepam.
d. Metaproterenol.