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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 10)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answer

1️⃣ The bacteria which have tuft of flagella on one end is known as____

2️⃣ Which of the following ring is not present in basal body(part of flagella) of gram positive bacteria ?
A.S ring
B.P ring
C.M ring
D.None of the above

3️⃣ In industries which paint is used to paint tha wall to resist cracking and peeling ?
A.Epoxy resin paint
B.Polyurethane paint
C.Both A & B
D.None of the above

4️⃣ In industries , the area in which high standard of hygiene and cleanness is maintain is known as____
A.Dirty area
B.Black area
C.White area
D.Gray area

5️⃣ Full form of HEPA filter is____
A.High Electrical Particulate Air
B.Hight Efficiency Preserved Air
C.High Efficiency Particulate Air
D.All of the Above

6️⃣ Which of the following microorganism can be enter through HEPA filter ?
D.All of the Above

7️⃣ Integrity test which is used to check the pore size of HEPA filter is also known as____
A.DOK test
B.DOD test
C.DOP test
D.DOB test

8️⃣ Fungi is____
A.Strictly Aerobic
B.Strictly Anaerobic
C.Obligate Aerobic
D.Both A & C

9️⃣ The complete virus particle which is responsible for infection is known as____

10). Which of the following media is not used to cultivate fungi ?
A.Robertson cook meat media
B.Corn meal agar
C.Malt extract agar
D.Potato dextrose agar


1. C ( Lophotrichous )
2. B ( P ring )
3. C ( Both A & B )
4. D ( Gray area )
5. C ( High Efficiency Particulate Air )
6. B ( Virus )
7. C ( DOP test )
8. D ( Both A & C)
9. D ( Virion )
10. A ( Robertson cook meat media )