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How to write an article review tips and example

Writing an article review involves a systematic approach of summarizing and evaluating an article’s content. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Understand what an article review is: An article review is a critical evaluation and analysis of a piece of writing, typically an academic or journalistic article. It goes beyond summarizing the content; it involves an in-depth examination of the author’s ideas, arguments, and methodologies.
  2. Read the article closely: Take time to reflect on your evaluation. Consider whether the article effectively achieves what it set out to.
  3. Summarize the article: Focus on the important points, claims, and information. This includes the main ideas, arguments, positions, and findings.
  4. Discuss the positive aspects of the article: Think about what the author does well, good points they make, and insightful observations.
  5. Identify contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the text: Determine if there is enough data or research included to support the author’s claims.
  6. Express your opinion: Evaluate whether the article was a clear, thorough, and useful explanation of the subject. This is the core of your article review.
  7. Evaluate the article’s contribution to the field and the importance to the field: Evaluate the main points and arguments in the article.
  8. Write out a full article review: Complete your intro, summary, evaluation, and conclusion. Don’t forget to add a title, too!
  9. Proofread your review: Check for mistakes (like grammar and usage), while also cutting down on needless information.

Remember, an article review is not just an opinion. You will engage with the text to create a response to the scholarly writer’s ideas. You will respond to and use ideas, theories, and research from your studies. Your critique of the article will be based on proof and your own thoughtful reasoning.