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Interesting fact About Blood 

???? Knowledge About Blood????

Interesting fact About Blood 

1️⃣ A decrease in RBC count is known as?
Answer: Anemia

2️⃣ An increase in RBC count is known as?
Answer: Polycythemia

3️⃣ A high concentration of bilirubin in the blood causes?
Answer: Jaundice

4️⃣ The disease resistant blood cell?
Answer: WBC (leucocytes)

5️⃣ Which WBC is known as soldiers of the body?
Answer: Neutrophils

6️⃣ Largest WBC?
Answer: Monocyes

7️⃣ Smallest WBC?
Answer: Lymphocytes

8️⃣ Antibodies producing WBC?
Answer: Lymphocytes

9️⃣ Life span of WBC?
Answer: 10-15 days

???? Blood cell performs an important role in blood clotting?
Answer: Thrombocytes (Platelets)