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Sugar Cane short note


Obtained from:- Fresh stem of Saccharum Officinarum

Family:- Graminae(Poaceae)

Chemical Constituents:- Sucrose

● Uses:- 
~Used as sweating agent in making and preserving various kind of medicine like syrups, liquids, Capsules etc.

~By fermentation and distillation to produce an alcoholic distillate known as RUM.

~Create bio-plastic that is eco-friendly.

~Used to create an organic fertilizer and soil improver.

~ Sugar cane prove juice.

Health benefits of Sugar cane juice (GANNA RAS)

◆ Energy booster
◆ Strengthens bones & teeth
◆ Prevent Constipation
◆ Boost immunity
◆ Protect Liver
◆ Acid digestion
◆ Acid hair growth
◆ Anti- ageing properties
◆ Supplements the weight loss process
◆ Helps to fight against Cancer.