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Alzheimer’s MCQs with Answers


Topic:- Alzheimer’s 

1️⃣Alzheimer’s is the most common form of ?
A. Malnutrition
B. Fatigue
C. Psychosis
D. Dementia

2️⃣ How is Alzheimer’s diagnosed ?
A. Mental -status testa
C. Neurological tests
D. All of the above

3️⃣ Which of these is the strongest risk factor for developing the disease(Alzheimer’s)?
B. Heredity
C. Exposure to toxins
D. None of the above

4️⃣ Signs of Alzheimer’s include which of these symptoms ?
A. Loss of memory
B. Increase in irritability
C. Restlessness
D. All the above

5️⃣ Edrophonium test is used in diagnosis of
A. Myasthenia gravis
B. Alzheimer’s
C. Horner’s disease
D. Parkinson’s

6️⃣. Physiologically what happens to the brain as Alzheimer’s progress
A.Tissue swells
B. Many cells die
C Brain stem atrophies
D Fluid collects

7️⃣ Alzheimer’s disease can resemble the early stages of ?
A. Schrizophenia
B. Parkinson’s disease
C. Multiple sclerosis
D. Down syndrome

8️⃣When can a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease be made . ___
A. At the first sign of dementia
B. After Symptoms
C. After the death of patient
D. None

9️⃣ Alzheimer’s disease can be cured if detected early
A. True
B. False

???? What is the greatest risk factor of Alzheimer’s
A. Gender
B. Genetics
C. Ethnicity
D. Increased age


1) – D
2). – D
3). – A
4). – D
5). – A
6). – C
7). – A
8). – A
9). – A
10). – D