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Amoebiasis & Anti-Amoebic Drugs MCQs with Answer

???????? Amoebiasis & Anti-Amoebic Drugs????????

Subject:- Pharmacology

1️⃣ Amoebiasis is associated with ___
A. Protozoa
B. Virus
C. Fungus
D. Bacteria

2️⃣ The micro-organism which is responsible for Amoebiasis is____
A. Aerobic Entamoeba histolytica
B. Anaerobic Amoeba histolytica
C. Anaerobic Entamoeba histolytica
D. Aerobic Amoeba histolytica

3️⃣ Which of the following is used to treat Amoebic dysentery earlier ?
A. Brazil root
B. Azadirecta Indica
C. Cephaelis ipecacuanha
D. Both A & C

4️⃣ Emetine is___
A. Glycoside
B. Alkaloid
C. Resins
D. Tannins

5️⃣ Characteristic symptoms of Amoebiasis is___
A. Constipation
B. Diarrhoea
C. Dysentery with mucus & blood
D. Yellowish skin colour

6️⃣ Metronidazole is used to treat Amoebiasis which is a prototype drug of ___
A. Benzimidazole
B. Nitroimidazole
C. Both
D. Secnidazole

7️⃣ Which of the following statement is not true about Metronidazole ?
A. It is a prodrug
B. It kills trophozoites
C. It can kill Aerobic bacteria
D. Effective for giardia lamblia

8️⃣ Which is the possible MOA of Metronidazole ?
A. Form cytotoxic derivative
B. Does not inhibit protein synthesis
C. Both
D. None of the above

9️⃣ ADR associated with Metronidazole is___
A. Glossitis
B. Anorexia
C. Metallic taste in mouth
D. All

???? Metronidazole ___
A. Increase Warfarin Metabolism
B. Increase renal Elimination of lithium
C. Increase Warfarin action
D. None


1. A ( Protozoa )
2. C ( Anaerobic Entamoeba histolytica )
3. D ( Both A & C )
4. B ( Alkaloids )
5. C ( Dysentery with mucus & blood )
6. B ( Nitroimidazole )
7. C ( It can kill Aerobic bacteria )
8. A ( Form cytotoxic derivative )
9. D ( All )
10. C ( Increase Warfarin action )