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Anti Arrhythmic drugs MCQs with Answers


???????? TOPIC : Anti Arrhythmic drugs ????????

1️⃣ Classification of Anti arrhythmic drugs is give by___
A. Ostwald
B. Vaughan Williams
C. Arber
D. None of the above

2️⃣ The drugs which involves in class 1 Anti arrhythmic drugs are___
A. Sodium channel blocker
B. Beta blockers
C. Potassium channel blocker
D. Calcium channel blocker

3️⃣ Lignocaine is____
A. Example of Potassium channel blocker
B. Class 1 ( A ) drug
C. Class 1 ( B ) drug
D. Both A & B

4️⃣ Which of the following is not an example of class 1( A ) Anti arrhythmic drug ?
A. Quinidine
B. Procainamide
C. Disopyramide
D. Lignocaine

5️⃣ Which of the following is not an ADR of Amiodarone ( Class 3 Anti arrhythmic drug ) ?
A. Torsade de point
B. Bluish discoloration of skin
C. Hypothyroidism
D. Pulmonary fibrosis

6️⃣ Bretylium is an example of___
A. Sodium channel blocker
B. Adrenergic neuron blocker
C. Beta blocker
D. Calcium channel blocker

7️⃣ Amiodarone is an analogue of___
A. Analogue of growth hormone
B. Analogue of Adrenaline
C. Analogue of thyroid hormone
D. Analogue of insulin

8️⃣ What is not true about Procainamide ?
A. It’s a local anaesthetic
B. Have weak vagolytic activity
C. Lupus syndrome is ADR of it
D. None of the above

9️⃣ Other Anti arrhythmics are___
A. Adenosine
B. Atropine
C. Digitalis
D. All of the above

???? Example of potassium channel blocker is___
A. Dofetilide
B. Ibutilide
C. Both A & B
D. Disopyramide


1. B ( Vaughan Williams )
2. A ( Sodium channel blocker )
3. C ( Class 1 B drug )
4. D ( Lignocaine )
5. A ( Torsade de point )
6. B ( Adrenergic neurone blocker )
7. C ( Analogue of thyroid hormone )
8. D ( None of the above )
9. D ( All of the above )
10. C ( Both A & B )