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Antidepressant MCQs with Answers


Topic:- Antidepressant 

1️⃣Antidepressants are also known as?
A. Neurotransmitter in in brain
B. Thymoleptics
C. Analeptics
D. Hypoglycemic

2️⃣ Tricyclic antidepressant example ?
A. Imipramine
B. Moclobemide
C. Venlafaxine
D. Fluvoxamine

3️⃣ Antidepressants drug useful in ?
A. Anxiety
D. Eye infections

4️⃣ Brand name of Imipramine ?
A. Antidep
B. Disprin
C. Benadryl
D. Lasix

5️⃣ Antidepressants drug except
A. Imipramine
B. Amitriptyline
C. Clomipramine
D. Indomenthacine

6️⃣.MAO full form
A.Monoaminoxidase -A
B. Monoaminoxidation -A
C Monoacetyloxidase -A
D Monoacetineoxidase-A

7️⃣ Imipramine used to treat ?
A. Enuresis
B. Obesity
C. Asthama
D. Glaucoma

8️⃣Fluoxetine . ___
A. Tricyclic antidepressant
B. Atypical antidepressants
C. MAO-A inhibitor

9️⃣ TCA acts by
A. Blocking reuptake of NE and serotonin in neurons
B. Inhibition of folic acid synthesis
C. Inhibition of calcium
D. None

???? Not a ssri
A. Escitalopram
B. Sertraline
C. Paroxetine
D. Amitriptyline


1. B ( Thymoleptics )
2.A (Imipramine)
3.A (Anxiety )
4.A (Antidep)
5.D ( Indomethacine)
6.A (Monoaminoxidase-A)
7. A (Enuresis)
8. D (SSRI)
9.A (Blocking reuptake of NE and serotonin in neurons )
10. D (Amitriptyline(it is not selective))