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Antifungal and Antiviral Agents MCQs With Answers

Antifungal and Antiviral Agents MCQs With Answers

1. Which antifungal drug is the most toxic drug and is administered intravenously?
a. Fluconazole.
b. Miconazole.
c. Caspofungin.
d. Amphotericin B.

2. Which antifungal drug is available as a troche, for treatment of oral candidiasis?
a. Miconazole.
b. Fluconazole.
c. Clotrimazole.
d. Ketoconazole.

3. Which antifungal drug is most effective with a broad spectrum?
a. Fluconazole.
b. Flucytosine.
c. Caspofungin.
d. Anidulafungin.

4. Which antifungal agent is NOT indicated for use in fungal infections of the skin and nails?
a. Tolnaftate.
b. Flucytosine.
c. Terbinafine.
d. Griseofulvin.

5. Which fungi are most often present in oral fungal infections?
a. Candida.
b. Histoplasma.
c. Coccidioides.
d. Cryptococcus.

6. The antiviral agent, amantadine, inhibits the replication of which strain of virus?
a. Mumps.
b. Influenza A.
c. Influenza B.
d. Newcastle disease.

7. Which anti-herpetic agent is most potent?
a. Acyclovir.
b. Penciclovir.
c. Vidarabine.
d. Idoxuridine.

8. The herpes zoster vaccine reduces the symptomatic discomfort caused by the reactivated herpes zoster virus by
a. 61%.
b. 69%.
c. 76%.
d. 81%.

9. The first non-nucleoside inhibitor of reverse transcriptase drug ever used was
a. efavirenz.
b. etravirine.
c. nevirapine.
d. delavirdine.

10. Which reverse transcriptase inhibitor is NOT included in the multi-drug tablet, Trizivir?
a. Abacavir.
b. Didanosine.
c. Zidovudine.
d. Lamivudine.

11. Which anti-human immunodeficiency virus drug hinders the final assembly of new viruses?
a. Fusion inhibitors.
b. HIV protease inhibitors.
c. Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
d. Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.