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Antihypertensive agents MCQs with Answers


???????? TOPIC : Antihypertensive agents ????????

1️⃣ Which of the following sentence is not true about BP ?
A. Determine by Cardiac Output
B. Determine by Total peripheral vascular resistance
C. Controlled by baro receptor reflexes acting through CNS
D. It is Measured by sphygmomanometer

2️⃣ Which class of drugs are 1st line Anti hypertensives in the treatment of hypertension ?
A. Thiazide diuretics
B. Ganglionic blockers
C. Calcium channel blocker
D. Adrenergic drugs

3️⃣ Valsartan belongs to which class ?
A. ACE inhibitors
B. Angiotensin ii receptor antagonists
C. Renin inhibitors
D. None of the above

4️⃣ Diuretics are act by___ & helps in lowers BP
A. Increasing sodium retention
B. Increasing plasma volume level
C. Decreasing cardiac output
D. Increasing peripheral resistance

5️⃣ Which of the following is not an ADR of diuretics ?
A. Hypokalemia
B. Dysguisia
C. Neutropenia
D. Skin rashes

6️⃣ How the clonidine helps in hypertension ?
A. By activating alpha 1 receptor
B. By decreasing central sympathetic outflow
C. By activating beta 1 receptor
D. None of the above

7️⃣ Which of the following is not true about Alpha methyl dopa ?
A. It’s an analogue of DOPA
B. It’s a prodrug
C. It’s active form is ethyl nor-epinephrine
D. It’s a Alpha 2 agonist

8️⃣ ADR of Guanethidine___
A. Postural hypotension
B. Diarrhoea
C. Sexual dysfunction
D. All of the above

9️⃣ Which Anti hypertensive drug is not contraindicated in pregnancy ?
A. Captopril
B. Spironolactone
C. Hydralazine
D. Analapril

???? Hair growth is a side effect of ____ so now it is used in low concentration for hair treatment.
A. Diazoxide
B. Minoxidil
C. Losartan
D. Timolol


1. C ( Controlled by baro receptor reflex acting through CNS )
2. A ( Thiazide diuretics )
3. B ( Angiotensin ii receptor antagonists )
4. C ( Decreasing cardiac output )
5. A ( Hypokalemia )
6. B ( By decreasing central sympathetic outflow )
7. C ( it’s active form is ethyl nor-epinephrine )
8. D ( All of the above )
9. C ( Hydralazine )
10. B ( Minoxidil )