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Basics of Immunology


This video gives indetail knowledge about Immunology.

Types of IMMUNITY : The types and their subtypes are explained.

Innate immunity : The immunity which we have from birth is known as Innante immunity. This is subdivided into Active and Passive Immunity.

Acquired IMMUNITY : IMMUNITY which is aquired over a period is known as acquired IMMUNITY. This is subdivided into Active and Passive Immunity.

Immune cells: Polynuclear leukocytes, Natural killer cells, Macrocytes and Dendritic cells belongs to Innate immunity.
B.Lymohocyted & T.Lymphocytes are of acquires immune cells.

Immune cell development. The primary lymphoid cell development occurs in Bone marrow and Thymus gland. The seconder Iymphoid cells develop in Spleen, MALT.

Effects : Innate immunity acts immediately, non specific and has no memory. Acquired IMMUNITY acts slowly highly specific and has memory.

At the end.. Immunosuppressive agents are discussed.