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Capsules MCQs with Answers




01. The Shell of soft genatin capsules may be made elastic or plastic like by the addition of……?

(a) Sorbitol

(b) Povidone

(c) PEG

(d) Lactose

02. Rotosort is an equipment used ……..?

(a) To separate unfilled capsules

(b) To fix the cap and body of the capsules after filling

(c) To separate the improper tablet

(d) To adjust the required compression for the tablets

03. Mositure contain of empty gelatin capsule lie in the range of ……….?

(a) Below 10%

(b) 12-15%

(c) Above 16%

(d) Above 20 %

04. Which is the ideal combination for testing the solubility of an enteric coated capsule in alkaline medium…….?

(a) Sodium bicarbonate + Potassium hydroxide + Pepsin

(b) Sodium bicarbonate + Sodium tauroglycolate + Papain

(c) Sodium bicarbonate + Pancreatin + Sodium taruroglycolate

(d) Sodium bicarbonate + Biliribin

05. Gelatin is the hydrolysed product of ………?

(a) Pectin

(b) Tannin

(c) Shellac

​(d) Collagen

06. The mositure contain of capsule shell is determined by …………?

(a) IR spectroscopy

(b) Toluene distillation method

(c) Accogel machine

(d) Erweka key

07. In capsules, Rotary die process is used for …….?

(a) Filling powder into capsule

(b) Filling liquids into capsules

(c) Filling pellets into capsules

​(d) Sorting the filled capsule

08. Sealing of capsule is achieved by heating at ……..?

(a) 100°C

(b) 20°C

(c) 37-40°C

​(d) 70°C

09. ………….treatment is used for the solubility of gelatin .

(a) Heat

(b) Formalin

(c) Alcohol

​(d) Water

10.Type A gelatin has its isoelectric point in the region of

(a) pH 4.7

(b) pH 9.0

(c) pH 7.4

(d) pH 9.4


1). -a
2). -b
3). -b
4). -a
5). -d
6). -b
7). -b
8). -c
9). -b
10). -b