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Carbohydrates MCQs with Answers


???????? Topic: Carbohydrates????????

1️⃣ Class of carbohydrate which cannot be hydrolyzed further, is known as?
a) Disaccharides
b) Polysaccharides
c) Proteoglycan
d) Monosaccharide

2️⃣ Which class of carbohydrates is considered as non-sugar?
a) Monosaccharides
b) Disaccharides
c) Polysaccharides
d) Oligosaccharides

3️⃣ Name the major storage form of carbohydrates in animals?
a) Cellulose
b) Chitin
c) Glycogen
d) Starch

4️⃣ Sugars which differs from each other only around single carbon atom is called epimer.
a) True
b) False

5️⃣ A molecule of amylopectin which contains 1500 glucose residues and is branched after every 30 residues. How many reducing ends are there?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 5

6️⃣ What is the name of the drug which inhibits Na+/K+ pump across the cell membrane?
a) Taxol
b) Vinblastine
c) Quinone
d) Ouabain

7️⃣ Mark the INCORRECT statement about sugar alcohol?
a) Addition of -itol as a suffix
b) A linear molecule that cannot cyclize
c) Carbonyl groups reduced to a hydroxyl group
d) Terminal -OH group oxidizes

8️⃣ Which of the following amino sugar are present in the bacterial cell wall?
a) N-acetylmuramic acid
b) Sialic acid
c) Aminoglycoside
d) Azide

9️⃣ Which of the following glycosidic linkage found in maltose?
a) Glucose (α-1 – 2β) Fructose
b) Glucose (α1 – 4) Glucose
c) Galactose (β1 – 4) Glucose
d) Glucose (β1 – 4) Glucose

???? Which of the following is also known as invert sugar?
a) Sucrose
b) Fructose
c) Dextrose
d) Glucose


7.D(Terminal -OH group oxidizes)
8.A(N -acetylmuramic acid)