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Common Medication Classifications and Actions


Common Medication Classifications and Actions

Antacids– Reduce hydrocholoric acid located in the stomach

Antianemics– Increases the production of red blood cells

Anticholinergics– Decreases oral secretions

Anticoagulants– Prevents the formation of clots

Anticonvulsants– Management of seizures or bipolar disorders

Antidiarrheals– Reduce water in bowels and gastric motility

Antihistamines– Block the release of histamine

Antihypertensives– Decreases blood pressure

Anti-infectives– To get rid of infections

Broncholdilators– Dilates the bronchi and bronchioles

Diuretics– Increase excretion of water/sodium from the body

Laxatives– Loosens stools and increases bowel movements

Miotics– Constricts pupils of the eye

Mydriatics– Dilates the pupils

Narcotics/analgesics– Relieves pain