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Cosmeticology MCQs with Answers

MCQs of Cosmeticology with Answers

1) Cold creams are traditionally based on :
a) Stearic acid and Sodium hydroxide
b) Borax-beeswax
c) Stearic acid and Triethanolamine
d) Anhydrous systems

2) Blush test is a Quality control test for:
a) Nail lacquers
b) Lipsticks
c) Skin creams
d) Shampoos

3) Nitrocellulose in nail lacquers is a
a) Secondary film former
b) Primary film former
c) Plasticizer
d) Emulsifier

4) UVB spectrum ranges from
a) 300-340 nm
b) 320-340 nm
c) 290-320 nm
d) 290-400 nm

5) SPF is defined as
a) MED (PS—protected skin) / MED (US—unprotected skin)
b) MED (PS—protected skin)
c) MED (US—unprotected skin)
d) MED (US—unprotected skin) / MED (PS—protected skin)

6) BIS Drying time limit for nail polish is:
a) 2 minutes
b) 4 minutes
c) 1 minute
d) 6 minutes

7) Coupler solvents are:
a) Active solvents
b) latent solvents
c) Diluents
d) True solvents

8) Carnauba wax is an example of
a) Vegetable wax
b) Animal wax
c) Hydrocarbon wax
d) Mineral wax

9) Halogenated derivatives of fluorescein are:
a) Inorganic pigments
b) Organic pigments
c) Staining dyes
d) Natural colors

10) Crinkling wrinkles are:
a) fine wrinkles commonly seen on the unexposed skin of elderly people
b) wrinkles caused due to UV exposure
c) wrinkles caused by pollution
d) fine wrinkles seen on the nape of the neck

11) Quaternary ammonium compounds are effective as preservatives in
a) acidic creams
b) alkaline cream products
c) At any pH
d) at neutral pH

12) One of the properties of a face pack is:
a) To impart desired color to the skin
b) To help the skin tan
c) To absorb the malodors
d) To leave a coat on the face which rejuvenates the skin on drying

13) Lipsticks BIS specification for the number of microbes per gram is:
A) NMT 60
B) NMT 500
C) NMT100
D) NMT 1000

14) In case of depilatories containing thioglycollate following statement is an exception
A) Depilatories containing thioglycollate have alkaline pH .
B) They are safe at concentration range between 2-5%
C) Depilation effect seen in 15 minutes.
D) Depilatories based on thioglycollate cannot be applied on face.

15) In case of abrasives used in dentifrice following statement is not applicable
A) Particle size, shape, brittleness, hardness have strong impact on abrasivity and cleansing effect y.
B) The optimum particle size of Calcium Carbonate for effective cleansing is 2-20 μ
C) Calcium Pyrophosphate is not the preferred abrasive in Fluoride containing medicated dentifrice.
D) Dicalcium Phosphate dehydrate is available in metastable form

16) The role of super-fatting agents in the shaving creams includes the following except:
A) to neutralize the alkali
B) to stabilize the cream
C) to stabilize the lather
D) to provide alkaline pH

17) Following is the correct sequence of hair waving & perming
A) Oxidation, Reduction, Shampooing, Hair waving
B) Shampooing, Oxidation, Reduction, Hair waving
C) Shampooing, Reduction, Oxidation, Hair waving
D) Hair waving, Reduction, Oxidation, Shampooing

18) Following are the surfactants used in baby shampoos except:
A) Sulphosuccinates
B) Cocamidopropylbetaine
C) PEG 80 Sorbitan laurate
D) Alpha olefin sulphonates

19) Amphoteric surfactants show irritation in ______ solution
A) alkaline
B) acidic
C) hypotonic
D) hypertonic

20) Hair rinses are classified as
A) Permanent hair colours
B) Semi-permanent hair colours
C) Hair straightener
D) Hair waving products

21) In case of hair dyes and hair care cosmetics following test is performed
A) Open patch test
B) Closed patch test
C) Photosensitization
D) Photoallergy

22) Following points are applicable for floating bath oils except
A) They leave thin film on body.
B) They contain Light mineral oil, Iso propyl myristate
C) They reduce foaming of soaps
d) They increase foaming of soaps

23) Cetyl alcohol is used as —————– in shampoos
A) Viscolizer
B) Sequesterant
C) Clarifying Agent
D) Opacifier

24) Non -alcoholic aftershave lotions contain the following except:
A) Astringents
B) Denaturants
C) Emollients
D) Antiseptic agents

25) Sensorial testing involve following tests except:
A) Discriminative
B) Descriptive
C) Hedonic
D) Sensitivity


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