Remix education



They are emulsions with oil/Water or Water/Oil type.
1. Make up creams
2. Cleansing creams (W/O emulsion), vanishing creams (O/W), foundation cream
3. Winter creams (water/oil)
4. Creams for dry skin (moisturizing creams)
5. All purpose cream
6. Night creams
7. Skin protective & hand creams.
Water, petroleum Oil, Vegetable oils, fats & Waxes derivatives, humectants & emulsifying agents.
Water: Deionised/distilled, prevents discolouration & other defects ageing.
Hydrocarbons derived from petrolatum:
Patrolatum: Emollient, protective & lubricant

Ozokerite: refined ozokerite mixed with paraffin produces ceresin.
Stearic acid in vanishing creams:
1). Single passed stearic acid, oleic acid or red oil removed when pressed cold in hydroaullic press.
2). Double pressed stearic acid, removal of more red oil, margaric & palmitic acid.
3). Triple pressed stearic acid pressed hot again increasing melting point.
Saponified: Formed by contact saponifiers pressed directly.
Distilled stearic acid: Fatty acids are distilled before sealing into press then stearic acid is distilled grade.