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Dispersion System MCQs with Answers

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???????? Dispersion System ????????

1). The stability of lyophobic colloids can be described by:
A) DLVO theory
B) Lyotropic series
C) Schulze hardy
D) None of these

2). If the zeta potential of suspension is reduced below a certain value the attraction of particles lead to:
A) De-flocculation
B) Flocculation
C) sedimentation
D) precipitation

3). Which of the following is crystalloid :
A) Egg Albumin
B) Starch
C) Glucose
D) Gum

4). Which of the following form the colloidal solution in the water:
A) NaCl
B) glucose
C) Ba(NO3)2
D) Starch

5). In which type of filtration colloidal particles are separated
A). Conventional
B). Cloth type
C). Ultra
D). Sieve

6). Hydrophilic and hydrophobic colloidal are classified by
A). The appearance
B). The interaction of two phases
C). The structure of particle
D). Shape of particle

7). The solution of rubber in benzene is eg. of
B). Macromolecular
C). Associated
D). Lyophobic

8). The coagulation of 10 ml of gold solution is just prevented by 1ml of 10% NaCl in HCl of 0.025 g of starch. The gold number is
A). 0.25
B). 2.5

9). The flocculation valve of a coagulating electrode is expressed in
A). milli mole/L
B). mol/L
C). mg
D). microgram

???? Which one is an eg. Of colligative property:
A). Osmotic Pressure
B). Dissection
C). Solubility
D). None of the above


1. A ( DLVO theory)
2. B ( flocculation )
3. C ( glucose)
4. D ( starch)
5. C ( ultra)
6. B ( The interaction of two phase)
7. B ( macromolecular)
8. D (25)
9. A ( milli mole/L)
10. A (Osmotic pressure)