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Drugs of Abuse MCQs with Answers

Drugs of Abuse MCQs

1. Which term describes a decreased response over time to the same dose of a drug?
a. Tolerance.
b. Addiction.
c. Withdrawal.
d. Dependence.

2. Tolerance to opioid agonists requires an increased amount of drug for all effects EXCEPT
a. euphoria.
b. analgesia.
c. addiction.
d. respiratory depression.

3. For which opioid is the toxic effect of pinpoint pupils absent?
a. Heroin.
b. Morphine.
c. Methadone.
d. Meperidine.

4. Physical dependence to sedative-hypnotics requires a minimum administration of increasing doses for
a. 5 days.
b. 2 weeks.
c. 3 weeks.
d. 1 month.

5. Withdrawal symptoms from which drug group should be treated in a hospital setting?
a. Opioids.
b. Marijuana.
c. Amphetamines.
d. Sedative-hypnotics.

6. Cocaine conversion to the freebase form is required for administration via which route?
a. Oral.
b. Smoking.
c. Intranasal.
d. Intravenous.

7. Which is the lethal dose of lysergic acid derivative (LSD) for an adult weighing 75 kg?
a. 25 mg.
b. 50 mg.
c. 1 mg/kg.
d. 2 mg/kg.

8. Which component of the Cannabis sativa plant contains up to 12% THC?
a. Stems.
b. Hashish extract.
c. Stalk fibers.
d. Young leaves.

9. THC, contained in marijuana, is used less frequently than other drug therapies to reduce glaucoma-induced intraocular pressure, due to which effect?
a. Antiemetic.
b. Tachycardia.
c. Psychoactive.
d. Orthostatic hypotension.

10. Which percentage of chronic alcohol abusers are polydrug abusers?
a. 10%.
b. 20%.
c. 30%.
d. 40%.

11. Bacterial endocarditis from Pseudomonas aeruginosa usually affects which valve in drug abusers?
a. Aortic.
b. Bicuspid.
c. Tricuspid.
d. Pulmonary.