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Emulsions and Suspensions MCQs with Answers

????Pharmaceutics ????

???????? Emulsions and Suspensions ????????

1️⃣ Ideal phase volume ratio per stable emulsion……
A. 25:75
B. 50:50
C. 75:25
D. 33:67

2️⃣ Thermodynamically emulsion is ?
A. Stable
B. Unstable
C. Both
D. None

3️⃣ Creaming is?
A. Reversible
B. Irreversible
C. Both
D. Difficult to predict

4️⃣ Upward creaming is observed in ?
A. W/O
B. O/W
C. Both
D. Micro

5️⃣ HLB value of W/O
A. 2-3
B. 3-6
C. 7-9
D. 8-16

6️⃣ Pharmaceutical suspension are generally…
A. Flocculated
B. De-flocculated
C both
D none

7️⃣ Rate of sedimentation is high in?
A. Flocculated
B. De-flocculated
C. Both
D. None

8️⃣ If particle size is 1 micro-meter to 100 micro- meters… _
A. Coarse dispersion
B. Colloidal dispersion
C. Flocculated
D. De-flocculated

9️⃣ Cake formation is characteristic feature _
A. Flocculated
B. De- flocculated
C. Thixotropic suspension
D. Structured suspension

???? For Ideal suspension ,the sedimentation volume should be
A. Zero
B. Equal to one
C. More than one
D. Less than one



1). a
2). b
3). a
4). b
5). d
6). a
7). a
8). c
9). b
10). d