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Endocrine system MCQs with answers


1. Compared with untreated women, women taking post-menopausal HRT with natural oestrogens and a progesterone have
a. No change in the incidence of endometrial cancer
b. Lower HDL levels
c. More fractures
d. No change in the incidence of gallbladder disease
e. Higher blood pressure

2. Compared with untreated women, women using OCP have a decreased risk of
a. MI
b. Hepatic adenoma
c. Cervical cancer
d. Breast cancer
e. Ovarian cancer

3. Regarding glucocorticoids
a. the major human glucocorticoid is cortisol
b. a normal adult secretes 100mg cortisol a day
c. feedback suppression of pituitary ACTH occurs within hours
d. absence of cortisol increases the response of vascular and smooth muscle tone to
e. inhibition of WBC and tissue macrophages is not an action of glucocorticoids

4. Regarding steroids, which is false
a. they do not act directly to dilate smooth muscle
b. they are given in the morning due to diurnal variation
c. they may cause adrenal suppression
d. they are useful in osteoporosis
e. chronic inhaled steroids reduce bronchial reactivity

5. Glucocorticoids
a. bind to intranuclear receptors
b. regulate protein synthesis via glucocorticoid receptor complex
c. have catabolic effect on carbohydrates, protein and lipids
d. suppress mononuclear cells only
e. do not bind to the aldosterone receptor

6. Regarding insulin
a. it is not known to cause anaphylactic reactions
b. ultralente is a short acting insulin
c. patients do not develop antibodies to insulin
d. works through receptors with tyrosine kinase activity
e. hypoglycaemia is a rare complication

7. The most potent mineralocorticoid is
a. hydrocortisone
b. prednisolone
c. methylprednisolone
d. dexamethasone
e. betamethasone

8. With regard to OHG agents
a. tolbutamide and glipizide are sulphonylureas
b. chlopropamide has a half life of 4-6 hours
c. metformin is more effective once weight is controlled
d. lactic acidosis is more common with metformin than phenformin
e. glipizide has one of the longest half lives

1. A
2. E
3. A
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. A
8. A