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Mechanism of action:- Skeletal muscle relaxants

Skeletal muscle relaxants

???? Mechanism of action ????

???? Peripherally acting Skeletal muscle relaxants :-

Site of action of both competitive and non-competitive depolarizing blockers is the end plate of skeletal muscle fibres.

????Competitive block (Non-depolarizing block) :-

Competitive blockers having high affinity to block nicotinic (Nm) cholinergic receptors at the muscle end plate , but no intrinsic activity. Rsults ????????

Skeletal muscle relax……

????Depolarizing Block :-

Decamethonium and Sch having high affinity as well as submaximal intrinsic activity at Nm cholinergic receptors.

They acts by loger lasting depolarization of muscle end plate produces repetitive excitation of fibre.

They do not dissociate from receptors and not metabolised and depolarization is going on for long lasting….. Resulting inactivation of Sodium Channels. In this state Ach released but no action is there…. Flaccid paralysis observed in mammals.

????a)Phase l block :- Rapid and onset results persistent depolarization of muscle end plate .
Depolarization declines shortly and repolarization occurs gradually.

????b)Phase ll block :- slow in onset and results from desensitization of the receptor to Acetyl choline.