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Evaporation MCQs with Answer

Evaporation MCQs with Answer


1️⃣ In equation Q=UA ∆t, U is heat transfer coefficient and its unit are:
A. W/(m^2)K
B. W/m (K^2)
C. (m^2) X/W
D. m (K^2)/W

2️⃣ Choose the sentence correct for evaporation:
A. Constituent must be thermolabile
B. Liquid must be viscous
C. Solvent must be non volatile
D. Solvent must be volatile

3️⃣ Factor increasing efficiency of evaporators:
A. Moisture content
B. Volume of liquid
C. Viscosity flow
D. Viscosity of liquid

4️⃣ Which factor does not influence the rate of evaporation
A. Difference in vapour pressure
B. melting point of solids
C. Surface area of evaporator
D. viscosity of the solution

5️⃣ In climbing film evaporator the problem in evaporation is
A. Boiling point of liquid
B. Entrainment of liquid
C. Droplet formation
D. Film formation

6️⃣ Which type of equipment gives porous on evaporation?
a) film evaporator
b) multiple effect evaporator
c) open pen evaporator
d) Vacuum evaporator

7️⃣ Which evaporator is used to concentrate insulin, liver extract and vitamins
a) climbing film evaporator
b) falling film evaporator
c) Horizontal tube evaporator
d) none of the above

8️⃣ Which factor does not influence rate of evaporation
A) difference on vapour pressure.
b) melting point of solids
c) surfact area of evaporator
d) viscosity of the solution

9️⃣ In climbing film evaporator, the problem in evaporation is
a) Boiling point of liquid
b) Droplet formation
c) Entrainment of liquid
d) Film formation

???? Which conditions of evaporation is used for the production of salt extract?
a) Atmospheric pressure
b) High pressure
c) Normal pressure
d) Reduce pressure


1. A(W/m^2)K
2. D(Solvent must be volatile)
3. C (Viscosity flow)
4. B(melting point of solids)
5. B(Entrainment of liquid)
6. D(Vacuum evaporator)
7. A( Climbing film evaporator)
8. B(melting point of solids)
9. C (Entrainment of liquid)
10. D(Reduce pressure)