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Gastrointestinal MCQs with answers


1. Regarding cimetidine, which is false
a. It may cause gynaecomastia
b. It decreases phenytoin levels
c. It increases effect of warfarin
d. It can be used to treat Zollinger Ellison syndrome
e. It has a volume of distribution of ~70L in a 70kg male

2. Regarding gastrointestinal drugs, which is false
a. Cimetidine slows hepatic microsomal metabolism of warfarin and phenytoin
b. Omeprazole is capable of inhibiting 100% gastric acid secretion
c. Metoclopramide hastens gastric emptying and raises lower oesophageal
sphincter pressure
d. Lactulose is an osmotic laxative
e. Sucrulfate is considered a colloidal bismuth compound

3. Cisapride
a. slows gastric empyting
b. delays oesophageal clearance
c. raises lower oesophageal sphincter pressure
d. increases pancreatic secretions
e. increases gastric secretions

4. Regarding H2 receptor antagonists
a. They act via a final common pathway of H/K ATP ase
b. Famotidine is more potent than ranitidine
c. Cimetidine slows hepatic microsomal metabolism
d. They have all been associated with reversible gynaecomastia
e. All of the above are true

5. All of the following have an anti-emetic action except
a. Dexamethasone
b. Diazepam
c. Hydroxyzine
d. THC
e. Sulphalazine

6. Aluminium hydroxide
a. Causes milk alkali syndrome
b. May cause high PO4
c. Is contraindicated in renal failure
d. Is associated with constipation
e. Has been shown to effectively head gastric ulcers

1. B
2. E
3. C
4. E
5. E
6. D