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GPAT practice MCQs (Part:- 14)

GPAT practice MCQs with Answers

1️⃣ Warfarin firstly discovered as___

A. Anti Coagulants
B. Anti rhodenticite
D. Antibiotic

2️⃣ Which drug act by blocking Gamma carboxylation of glutamate ?
A. Warfarin
B. Heparin
C. Rivaroxaban
D. Apixaban

3️⃣ Which of the following drug is when given with Anti coagulants so it potentiate the effect of Anti coagulants ?
A. Cimetidine
B. Chloramphenicol
D. All of the above

4️⃣ Which drug Inhibits the effect of Anti coagulants ?
A. Barbiturates
B. Rifampicin
C. Both A & B

5️⃣ Warfarin & Factor Xa inhibitor are given by___
A. Orally
B. Inhalational
C. Rectal route
D. Transdermal route

6️⃣ Heparin is firstly extracted from___
A. Lungs
B. Liver
C. Kidney
D. Stomach

7️⃣ What is not true about heparin ?
A. It can be save in pregnancy
B. It is metabolized by heparinase
C. It can cross BBB
D. Given by SC or IV

8️⃣ ADR of heparin is___
A. Bleeding
B. Alopesia
C. Osteoporosis
D. All of the above

9️⃣ Heparin antagonists are___
A. Basic in nature
B. Acidic in nature
C. Neutral in nature
D. None of the above

???? Severe overdose of heparin occurs so Protamine Sulfate is given by ____ which is derived from ____
A. SC , Rabbit
B. IV , Fish
C. IM , Monkey
D. Transdermal , Bovin


1. B ( Anti rhodenticite )
2. A ( Warfarin )
3. D ( All of the above )
4. C ( Both A & B )
5. A ( Orally )
6 B ( Liver )
7. C ( It can cross BBB )
8. D ( All of the above )
9. A ( Basic in nature )
10. B ( IV , Fish )