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GPAT Practice MCQs (part:- 7)

GPAT Practice MCQs part:- 7

21. Therapeutic goods administration belongs to which country
(a) USA
(b) Australia
(d) Germany
22. Cell wall is absent in which of the following
(a) L-form bacteria
 (b)  D-form bacteria
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above
23. Dialysis fluid is
(a) Hypotonic
(b) Hypertonic
(c) Isotonic
(d) None of the above
24. If a person obstruct drug inspector during his work, this type of offence comes under section
(a) Section 186 IPC 
(b) Section 26 A
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above
25. Which of the following antihypertensive is safe during the time of operation
(a) Alpha blockers
(b) Beta blockers
(c) Mixed alpha and beta blockers 
(d) None of the above
26. ACE inhibitors associated with high incidence of which adverse effect
(a) Nausea
(b) dizziness
(c) Renal impairments
(d) Both (b) & (c)
27. Tetracycline ring contains which basic moiety in its structure 
(a) Anthracene
(b) Phenanthrene
(c) Naphthacene
(d) Quinoline
28. Bacillus subtilis is used for assay of 
(a) Diabetic foot ulcer
(b) Burn
(c) Meningitis
(d) Oral ulcers
29. Which of the following is not used for treatment of glaucoma
(a) Alpha-agonist 
(b) Miotics
(C) Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
(d) None of the above
30. Therapeutic use of zinc oxide suppositories BPC is
(a) Treat itching
(b) Burning irritation
(c) Rectal discomfort caused by hemorrhoids or painful bowel movements
(d) All of the above