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GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

GPAT MCQs with Answers


1.Which of following does not contain Dibenzoazipine ring system

(a) Clozepine

(b) Imipiramine

(c) Carbamezapine

(d) All of these


2.Rifampicin used not only in TB but also in

(a) Diarrhea

(b) Urinary disorders

(c) Epilepsy

(d) Leprosy


3.Immunoglobulin has

(a) 2 light chain

(b) 2 heavy chain

(c) Disulfide bond

(d) all of these


4.Which of following not causing enzyme induction

(a) Phenobarbitone

(b) Carbamazepine

(c) Cimetidine

(d) Phenytoin


5.Detector used in IR

(a) Photo array

(b) Thermal conductivity

(c) Katharometer

(d) thermocouples


6.Major Product obtained from purine metabolism is?*

(a) Thiouric acid

(b) glucoronic acid

(c) Allopurinol

(d) uric acid


7.Asafoetida is imported from

(a) USA

(b) UK

(c) Afghanistan

(d) France


8.Which of the following drug acts on PPARγ (Proxisome Proliferators Activated Receptor)

(a) Simvastatin

(b) Filagrastin

(c) Rosiglitazone

(d) Sargramostin


9.Cetyl ether of Polyethylene glycone is known as

(a) Avigel

(b) Cetomacrogol

(c) Both

(d) none


10.Detector used in spectrophotometer

(a) Bolometer

(b) Flame ionization

(c) Photo multiplier tube     

(d) Electron capture


11.Tomato red pigment is due to?

(a) Capcithin

(b) Lycopene

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(c) Carotene

(d) Chlorophyll


12.Which of the following condition is characterized by absence of bilirubin in urine?

(a) Hemolytic jaundice

(b) Hepatic jaundice

(c) Obstructive jaundice

(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’


13.PG is released by

(a) COX-I

(b) COX-II

(c) TPA

(d) All


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14.Phenytoin used in?

(a) Grandmal epilepsy

(b) Digitalis induced arrhythmia

(c) Both

(d) none


15.Serotonin is neurotransmitter

(a) Inhibitory

(b) Excitatory

(c) Mixed

(d) None of these


16.Which of following is endothermic?

(a) Adsorption

(b) crystallization

(c) Vaporization

(d) all


17.Betaine structure is related to

(a) Kolbe reaction

(b) Bayer-Villger raction

(c) Perkin reaction

(d) Witting reaction


18.The Z-form of DNA is ______ handed helix and contains ___ base pairs per turn.

(a) Right, 11

(b) left, 12

(c) left, 10

(d) Right, 10


19.EDRF (Endothelial Derived Releasing Factor) synthesis from

(a) Endothelial cell

(b) L-arginine

(c) L-citrulline

(d) endothelin


20.How to determine unsaturation?

(a) Bromination

(b) hydrogenation

(c) Ozonolysis

(d) None of these