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GPAT Practice MCQs


1.The moisture content in Digitalis is
A) NMT 5%
B) NLT 5%
C) NLT 10%
D) NMT 7%

2. Which of the following antiarrhythmic drug can open k+ channel
A) Quinidine
B) Disopyramide
C) Phenytoin
D) Procainamide

3. If 30-100 part of solvent required to dissolve 1part of solute,solute is considered as
A) very soluble
B) sparingly soluble
C) Freely soluble
D) soluble

4. Mechanism of size reduction of Fluid energy mill is
A) Attrition and impact
B) only Attrition
C) compression
D) shearing

5. diagnostic test for syphilis is
A) Lepromine test
B) ELISA test
C) Wasserman test
D) Widal test

6. Drug is least absorbed from which site
A) parenteral
B) rectal
C) oral
D) Topical

7.lead, Mercury, cadmium binds to which extra vascular tissue
A) liver
B) kidney
C) Bone
D) skin

8. In cupraloin test Zingiber Aloe shows
A) Wine red colour
B) Faint yellow colour
C) Bluish brown colour
D) No colour

9. Dextrose chemically is
A) D-glucose
B) L- glucose
C) Racimic mixture
D) None

10. Standards for disinfectant fluids is mentioned in which schedule under drug and cosmetic act 1940.
A) Schedule N
B) Schedule O
C) Schedule Q
D) Schedule W


1. A) NMT 5%
2. C) Phenytoin
3. B) sparingly soluble
4. A) Attrition and impact
5. C) Wasserman test
6. D) Topical
7. B) kidney
8. D) No colour
9. A) D-glucose
10. B) Schedule O