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Haematinics , Coagulants MCQs with Answers


???????? TOPIC : Haematinics , Coagulants ????????

1️⃣ Causes of Anaemia are___
A. Decreased RBC production
B. Increase RBC distruction
C. Stem cell proliferation disturbance
D. All of the above

2️⃣ Which of the following form of iron is not available in India ?
A. Iron dextran
B. Iron 100
C. Ferrous sucrose
D. Ferric carboxy maltose

3️⃣ Requirement of Folic acid in pregnant woman is___
A. 0.8 mg/day
B. 1 gm/day
C. 0.1 mg/day
D. 0.3 mg/day

4️⃣ Folic acid present in food as___
A. Maltose
B. Polypeptide
C. Polyglutamate
D. All of the above

5️⃣ Which species of plant synthesize vitamin B12 ?
A. Solanaceae
B. Umbelliferae
C. Rosacea
D. Lagumenosae

6️⃣ Which supplement transported in blood in combination with Beta globulin – Trans cobalamin Ii ?
A. Vitamin B12
B. Iron
C. Folic acid
D. None of the above

7️⃣ Example of local coagulants is___
A. Vitamin K
B. Adrenaline
C. Fibrinogen
D. Desmopressin

8️⃣ ______ obtain from Bovin plasma to use as local coagulants.
A. Snake venom
B. Desmopressin
C. Anti haemophilic factor
D. Thrombine

9️⃣ Vitamin K2 is produced in ____
A. Liver
B. Gut
C. Kidney
D. Pancreas

???? Why ionized salt is not used ?
A. Because it cause diarrhoea
B. Because It cause abnormality in blood
C. Because It doesn’t gives astringent effect
D. All of the above


1. D ( All of the above )
2. B ( Iron 100 )
3. A ( 0.8 mg/day )
4. C ( Polyglutamate )
5. D ( Lagumenosae )
6. A ( Vitamin B12 )
7. B ( Adrenaline )
8. D ( Thrombine )
9. B ( Gut )
10. B ( Because it cause abnormality in blood )