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How to become a pharmacist in Canada


many students contact me to enquire about how to become pharmacist in Canada so here I like to give information to how to become a pharmacist in Canada for the first step that those who decided to become a pharmacist in Canada is a great decision and for the first time you have to do it you should contact the pharmacy Examination Board of Canada.

which is in short that call and direct flight is TET examination board which is the pharmacy Examination Board of Canada will get your pharmacy degree and it mean that you are eligibility to write the licensing exam so 10 become eligible to write the licensing exam and that’s what opens up you

so what’s your eligible and then you are eligible to write the licensing exam so here are the exams licensing exam there are 5 levels of exam did first exam that is called equivalent exam for evaluating exam that means all International pharmacy graduate those who wish to write licensing exam in Canada they have to go through is equalent exam which is also called If you are equal Instagram for you are these evaluating exam happens twice a year once in summer and also happens in winter and store for the date and schedule and also application for the exam please do contact gain PVC which is a Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada for PVC 382210 eligible

write the exam time you should listen contact as that is at because we do after GRE preparation for IAS exams and also have a great reference books and with you offered courses pictures in class courses and also be offered online courses for video hard students under training and training has 20 years and student participate raining here in our campuses in class forces.

which is happened here in Canada and also students from Overseas they also can buy online withdrawal online courses this first exam equal Instagram and you will be eligible to write the qualifying exam qualifying exams also again for the pictures of the qualifying exam second look at the PVC website and then are within the qualifying exam that you exams

is written exam that is given multiple choice question that the MCQ and the second is a part 2 exam happens in practical that is also known as OFC in short we can say horse ki 12 pass this exam August this gives your eligibility to become a pharmacist here from all over Canada in the cost to cost to Canada however within Canada the licence is given by the provincial colleges for the 10th beautiful problem any problem has provincial College of Pharmacy and that’s the time you should also contact NOS provincial website like for example and answer you have enjoyed your college of pharmacy and also you are in British Columbia are we have British Columbia College of Pharmacy

any problem that have always price list have each College of Pharmacy to place where you have to contact name and address leave after passing this board exams and you will be eligible to contact them also can contact them before that I got however I am Elite College of Pharmacy provincial College of Pharmacy headset out some more some more requirements maximum business premises having English proficiency requirement that mean there are requirement for the highlights exams and also and interested and also the certain programs requirement you have to go through for each branches are based on their College of Pharmacy website.

I can follow with this information will be helpful to begin with however if you have a more questions more information if we want to know about.