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Immunotherapy MCQs With Answers


1. Which type of white blood cell is an effector of adaptive immunity?
a. Macrophage.
b. Granulocyte.
c. Natural killer.
d. T lymphocyte.

2. Which is the principal cell recruited by acute inflammation?
a. Mast cells.
b. Eosinophils.
c. Monocytes.
d. Neutrophils.

3. Which antibodies are the most abundant, representing 75% of circulating immunoglobulins?
a. IgD.
b. IgE.
c. IgG.
d. IgM.

4. T cells mature during which stage of the immune response?
a. Shutdown.
b. Differentiation.
c. T-cell activation.
d. Antigen processing.

5. Which mechanism prevents apoptosis in targeted cells?
a. Granule exocytosis.
b. Bcl-2 overexpression.
c. Granzyme B accessing target cells.
d. Perforin made polymeric channels in cell membrane.

6. In mucosal tissues, which antibody predominates?
a. IgA.
b. IgD.
c. IgE.
d. IgM.

7. Immunotherapeutic agents act beneficially by all mechanisms EXCEPT which?
a. Stimulate immune reactions.
b. Replicate immune reactions.
c. Selective immunosuppression.
d. Complete immunosuppression.

8. Which immunotherapy agents are considered to be the most successful?
a. Vaccinations.
b. Immunostimulants.
c. Polyclonal antibodies.
d. Monoclonal antibodies.

9. Passive immunization occurs through the administration of which agents?
a. Adjuvants.
b. Thymic extracts.
c. Immunophilin ligands.
d. Purified immunoglobulins.