Remix education

Important Name Reaction



???? WOLF-KISHNER REDUCTION – Carbonyl compound converted to methylene group of hydrazine and base (The reduction of aldehyde and ketones to alkanes)

???? MICHAEL ADDITION(1,4 ADDITION) – Nucleophilic addition of carbanion to α, β- unsaturation carbonyl compound (Eschenmoser’s salt is used as a source of formaldehyde and dimethyl amine)

???? BECKMANN REARRANGEMENT – Oxime converted to a amide under acidic condition

???? BAEYER – VILLIGER OXIDATION – Ketone is converted to ester by using peroxyacid

???? CURTIUS REARRANGEMENT – Acyl azide to isocyanate and nitrogen in inert solvents

???? WOLF REARRANGEMENT – α- diazo ketone converted to a ketene using silver oxide as catalyst

???? HOFFMAN REARRANGEMENT – Primary amide is converted to a primary amine using halogen, Water, heat

???? COPE REARRANGEMENT – 1,5 diene under thermal condition converted to 1,5 diene structure isomer (Breaking & forming of bonds at the same time)

???? CLAISEN REARRANGEMENT – Allyl vinyl ether is converted to α, β- unsaturated carbonyl compound in presence of Lewis acid

???? SCHMIDT REACTION – Hydrazoic acid is converted to (Nitrile, amine, amide, imine) using acid catalyst

???? DIELS – ALDER REARRANGEMENT(4+2 CYCLOADDITION) – Conjugated diene & dienophile converted to cyclic olefins

???? WITTIG REACTION – Primary or secondary Alkyl halide & aldehyde or ketone converted to Olefin using Triphenylphosphine and base