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Important point to remember

Important point to Remember

(GPAT, NIPER, Drug inspector, Gov pharmasist)

ACCELA COTA – Tablet coating machine

CHILSONATOR – Roller compactor for granulation production

ERWEKA – Polishing machine for coated tablet

LITTLEFORD – mixing of granules

ROCHE – TABLET friabilator

ROTARY MOLDING MACHINE – For suppository manufacturing

ROTARY DIE PROCESS – For soft capsule manufacturing

ROTOSORT – Capsule sorting machine

ROTOWEIGH – Capsule weighing machine

SCHlEUNIGER – Hardness tester for Tablet

SEIDINADER – Capsule polishing machine

UlTRASONIFIER – Emulsion formation

VERSACOUNT – Automatic capsule counting & filling machine

CASCADE IMPACTOR – Particles size determination

VERICAP -1200 – Capsule weighing machine

QUALI-SEAL – Filling of liquids