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Introduction , Route of drug administration MCQs with Answers


???????? Topic : Introduction , Route of drug administration ????????

1️⃣ Father of Modern Pharmacology is__
A.Oswald schmiedeberg
B.Rudolf Buchheim
C.AJ Clark

2️⃣ Orphan disease are__
A.Common disease
B.Rare diseases
C.A & B both
D.None of the above

3️⃣ Which of the following factor affect choice of route__
A.Physical & chemical properties of drug
B.Site of action
C.Condition of Patient
D.All of the above

4️⃣ Which drugs has PH independent transport mechanism ?
A.Lipid soluble electrolyte
B.Lipid insoluble electrolyte
C.Lipid soluble Non-electrolytea
D.None of the above

5️⃣ Tetracycline form complex with__
A.Potassium present in food
B.Sodium present in food
C.sulphur present in food
D.Calcium present in food

6️⃣ Due to which mechanism energy is obtain in Primary Active Transport__
A.Carboxylation of ATP
B.Sulfonation of ATP
C.Hydrolysis of ATP
D.Decarboxylation of ATP

7️⃣ Greater is the lipid solubility of drug__
A.faster is redistribution
B.slower is redistribution
C.No effect
D.A & B both

8️⃣ PPB of Flurazepam is__

9️⃣ Dr.prescribe sulfonamides(Acidic drug) to the patient…after 1 week , patient came back to the dr. with particular symptoms like Anxiety,Sweating etc

So what could be the reason behind it ??

A.Patient may suffer from Hyperalbuminemia.
B.Patient may suffer from Hypoalbuminemia.
C.Patient may take some other drug which displace sulfonamides from PPB site.
D. B & C both.

???? High degree of protein binding__
A.Makes drug short acting
B.No effects
C.Makes drug long acting
D.All of the above



1. A ( Oswald schmiedeberg )
2. B ( Rare disease )
3. D ( All of the above )
4. C ( Lipid soluble non electrolyte )
5. D ( Calcium present in food )
6. C ( Hydrolysis of ATP )
7. A ( Faster is redistribution )
8. B ( 10% )
9. D ( B & C Both )
10. A ( Makes drug short acting )