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Introduction to Pharmacognosy MCQs Test series

Introduction to Pharmacognosy MCQs series

Introduction to Pharmacognosy MCQs series


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1. Aril is present in
2. Aril is
3. What is iodine number of coconut oil?
4. Which one is also known as extra-nuclear?
5. Chemically fixed oils and fats are esters of
6. Fixed oil which is soluble in alcohol is
7. Which is not one of the parameter of quantitative chemical tests of fixed oils and fat?
8. Palm oil is
9. Olive oil gives fluorescence of colour
10. Halphen’s test is used for

11. The most common carbon source for plant tissue culture is
12. According to ayurveda PITA (bile) is responsible for:-
14. Chrysanthemum is mainly used as
13. Natural cytokinin is
15. Which of the following causes fruit ripening?
16. All are plant growth promoters except
17. Lycopodium spore method is used for
18. 1 IU of vitamin A represents
19. In protoplast culture protoplasm is isolated by using
20. Stellate trichomes are present in
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