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Introduction to Secondary Metabolites MCQs with Answers

Role of Pharmacognosy in Various System of Medicine

Introduction to Secondary Metabolites

1. Which of the following alkaloid is volatile liquid
A. Papaverine
B. Thebaine
C. Codeine
D. Nicotine

2. Which of the following is an example of Amino alkaloid
A. Atropine
B. Ephedrine
C. Caffeine
D. Nicotinie

3. Chemically Mayer’s reagent is
A. Potassium bismuth iodide solution
B. Potassium iodide solution
C. Potassium mercuric iodide solution
D. Saturated picric acid solution

4. Structural formula of flavonoid is
A. C6-C3-C6
B. C3-C3-C6
C. C3-C6-C3
D. C6-C3-C3

5. Chemically flavonoids are
A. 2 Phenyl benzopyrone
B. 2 benzopyrone
C. 2 Phenylpyrone
D. 3 Phenyl benzopyrone

6. “Like are cured by Like” is the principle of which System of Medicine
A. Ayurveda
B. Unani
C. Homeopathy
D. Siddha

7. Shinoda test is used to perform identification of
A. Tannin
B. Glycoside
C. Resin
D. Flavonoid

8. Which of the following is the not the identification test of Alkaloid
A. Dragendroff’s test
B. Salkawoski test
C. Mayer’s test
D. Wagner’s test

9. Who developed Homeopathic system of Medicine
A. Shen Nung
B. Hippocrate
C. Serturner
D. Samuel Hahneman

10. The Hippocratic Theory and Pythagorian theory is of which system of Medicine
A. Ayurveda
B. Siddha system
C. Homeopathy
D. Unani System

11. The Yin and Yang Theory is related to
A. Ayurveda
B. Siddha system
C. Chinese system
D. Homeopath

12. The Concept of Proving and Prover is related to which system of medicine
A. Ayurveda
B. Siddha
C. Unani
D. Homeopathy

13. Which of the following is an example of Pseudo alkaloid
A. Caffeine
B. Coniine
C. Capsaicin
D. All above

14. Sennoside is an example of
A. C glycoside
B. O glycoside
C. S glycoside
D. N Glycoside

15. Which of the following is an example of flavonoid
A. Hesperitin
B. Luteolin
C. Catechin
D. All above

16. Which of the following is not an example of hydrolysable tannin containing drug
A. Amla
B. Black Catechu
C. Arjuna
D. Myrobalan

17. Molecular formula of Isoprene Unit
A. C5H8
B. C5H10
C. C10H20
D. C5H18

18. Number of Isoprene Unit (Carbon atom) present in Sesquiterpenes
A. 2 Isoprene Unit (10 C)
B. 2 Isoprene Unit (15 C)
C. 3 Isoprene Unit (10 C)
D. 3 Isoprene Unit (15 C)

19. Essential oil of flower petals are generally extracted by which traditional method
A. Expression Method
B. Steam Distillation
C. Enfleurage
D. Water Distillation

20. Which of the following is an example of Oleo Gum Resin
A. Asafoetida
B. Balsam of Peru
C. Jalap
D. Ginger