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Lipids MCQs with Answers


Topic :Lipids

1). The no. Of double bonds in Arachidonic acid is
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 6

2). All of the following statement about lipids are true, except
A) They are esters of fatty acids
B) They have poor solubility in water
C) They are a source of energy
D) They are polyhydroxy aldehydes

3). An example of saturated fatty acid is
A) Palmitic acid
B) Oleic acid
C) Linoleic acid
D) Arachidonic acid

4). Cephalin consists of
A) Glycerol, fatty acids, Phosphoric acid and choline
B) Glycerol, fatty acids, Phosphoric acid and ethanolamine
C)Glycerol, fatty acids, Phosphoric acid and inositol
D)Glycerol, fatty acids, Phosphoric acid and serine

5). A fatty acid which is not syntgesized in the body and has to be supplied in the diet is
A) Palmitic acid
B) Linoleic acid
C) Lauric acid
D) Palmitoleic acid

6). The whole cholesterol molecules is completely synthesized from
A) Glycerole
B) Fatty acid
C) Glucose
D) Acetyl CoA

7).Rate controlling step of cholesterol biosynthesis is
A) Lanosterol Cholesterole
B) HMG-CoA -Mevalonic acid +CoA
C) Squalene – Lanosterol
D) None of the above

8). As the protein content in lipoprotein fractions of plasma increases its density
A) Increases
C) Remains unchanged
D) May vary either way

9). The lipoprotein particles that have the highest concentration of triacylglycerol are
D) Chylomicrons

???? Human body depot fat predominantly consists of
A) Saturated fatty acids
B) Unsaturated fatty acids
C) Essential fatty acids
D) Non -esterified fatty acids


1. C( 4)
2.D(They are polyhydroxy aldehydes)
3.A (Palmitic acid)
4.B( Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and ethanolamine)
5.B ( Linoleic acid)
6.D (Acetyl CoA)
7. B (HMG – CoA – Mevalonic acid + CoA
8.A ( Increases)
9.D ( Chylomicrons)
10. A ( Saturated fatty acids)