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Micromeritics part 1 MCQs with Answers

Physical Pharmaceutics

Topic : Micromeritics part 1

1️⃣ Which property affect physical , chemical & biological property of drug ?
A. Density
B. Sedimentation
C. Particle size
D. Surface area

2️⃣ It is difficult to express size of particle In meaningful diameter . The reason is that particle In powder are___
A. Irregular in shape
B. Irregular in surface
C. Spherical shape
D. Uniform size

3️⃣ Which distribution is more important in design of dosage form ?
B. Normal
C. Number
D. Weight

4️⃣ Sieving method is used for size distribution analysis of powder Because ___
A. Agglomeret can be identified
B. Attrition of powder is possible
C. Large no. Of sieve are required
D. Time consuming

5️⃣ In sedimentation method for size analysis addition of deflocculating agent to suspension is necessary in order to ___
A. Accelerate the process of sedimentation
B. Make particle spherical
C. Prevent aggregation
D. Satisfy the Reynolds number

6️⃣ Stoke’s law can not be used when Reynolds number is __
A. 0.2
B. 1.8
C. 9
D. 18

7️⃣ Andersen apparatus consist of___
A. Balance
B. Electrode
C. Hydrometer
D. Pipette

8️⃣ In case of Coulter counter method , which criteria is important ?
A. Dispersion medium should be coloured
B. Dispersion medium should be conducting
C. Suspended particle should be charged
D. Suspended particle should be spherical

9️⃣ If particle size decrease , sedimentation rate ___
A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. No effects
D. None

???? The type of particle diameter that is obtain by microscope method of evaluation is___
A. Projected
B. Stoke’s
C. Volume
D. Volume-Surface


1. D ( All of the above )
2. C ( Sieving )
3. C ( Mercury displacement method )
4. A ( Bulk density )
5. A ( Determine surface area )
6. D ( 30-50 % )
7. A ( Freely soluble )
8. A ( 5% )
9. C ( Fair , poor )
10. C ( Density )