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What is Nano – medicines ? Short note on Nanomedicines.

Nanomedicines are defined as the medical application of the nanotechnology, which shows immense potential to solve problems in medicine. i.e. to diagnose, treat , and prevent disease at the cellular and molecular level.

Nanomedicines can be promising candidates for targeted drug delivery.
Classification of nanomedicines:-
1] Nanospheres
2] Nanocapsules
3] Polymeric nanoparticles
4] Solid liquid nanoparticles
5] Polymeric micelles
6] Liposomes
7] Magnetic nanoparticles
8] Quantum tubes
1] Improvement of bioavailabilty
2] Intracellular delivery and targetting cell organelles
3] Improved stability
4] Smart and targeted drug delivery

1] Difficulties in scale up
2] High cost
3] Targeting variation in pharmacological action with variation in receptor overexpression