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Nutraceuticals MCQs with Answers

Herbal Drug Technology


B.Pharmacy- 6th Semester

1. Which of the following is the property of Antioxidants
A. Scavenge free radicals
B. Provide energy
C. Promote growth
D. Promote digestion

2. Probiotics are
A. Synthetic nutraceuticals
B. Vitamin supplements
C. Helpful bacteria
D. Digestive enzymes

3. Which of the following is Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)
A. Omega-3-fatty acid
B. Myristic acid
C. Palmitic acid
D. All above

4. Health benefits of Dietary fibre
A. Reduce blood cholesterol level
B. Preventing and treating constipation
C. Control blood sugar level
D. All above

5. Which Vitamin containing fruits and vegetables should be avoided while taking anticoagulant drugs?
A. Vitamin-A
B. Vitamin-D
C. Vitamin-C
D. Vitamin-K

6. What is the other name of Hypericum perforatum.
A. St. John,s Wort
B. Maiden Hair tree
C. Kava
D. None

7. Ephedra is used for the management of
A. Asthma
B. Allergy
C. Hay fever
D. All above

8. Biological source of Black pepper
A. Piper longum
B. Piper nigrum
C. Piper notatum
D. Piper paltatum

9. Synonyms of Ashwagandha
A. Indian ginseng
B. Calabar beans
C. Chinese ginseng
D. None of the above

10. Ma-Huang is the synonyms of
A. Ephedra
B. Pepper
C. Ginseng
D. Gingko

11. The essential fatty acids include
A. Stearic acid and oleic acid
B. Palmitic acid and linolenic acid
C. Linoleic acid and linolenic acid
D. Oleic acid and linoleic acid

12. Taking thiazide diuretics along with Ginkgo biloba may cause
A. Increase in blood pressuse
B. Decrease in blood pressuse
C. Emesis
D. No interaction

13. Hypericum taken along with Digoxin
A. Decreases effect of Digoxin
B. Increases effect of Digoxin
C. Inhibit breakdown of Digoxin
D. Increases breakdown of Digoxin

14. Therapeutic activity of garlic is due to the presence of chemical constituent
A. Lignin
B. Bilobilin
C. Catechin
D. Allicin

15. Spirulina used as nutraceuticals is
A. Blue green algae
B. Red Algae
C. Green algae
D. None of the above

16. Steroidal sapogenin present in Fenugrrek
A. Trigonellin
B. Diosgenin
C. Gentiamine
D. Genistein

17. Pungency of the ginger is due to
A. Gingerol
B. Zingeberene
C. Gingerene
D. All above

18. Indian gooseberry is
A. Trigonella foenum-graecum
B. Allium Sativum
C. Cichorium intybus
D. Phyllanthus emblica

19. The term “nutraceutical” was coined in 1989 by
A. William Gerwick
B. Metchinoff
C. Stephen De Felice
D. Samuel Thompson

20. Taking Caffeine along with the Panax ginseng may cause
A. Increased Heart rate
B. Increased Blood pressure
C. Decreased heart rate
D. Both A and B