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Processing of tablet

1). Introduction of Processing of tablet
2). Advantages / Disadvantages
3). Types of tablets
4). Tablets ingested orally
5). Tablets used in oral cavity
6). Tablets administered by other routes
7). Tablets used to produce solutions
8). Methods of Granules Preparation
9). compression of granules into tablets
10). Single punch tablet machine
11). Multi-punch tablet machine
12). Rotary Tablet machine
13). Drycota Tablet machine
14). Manufacturing Defects In Tablets
15). Microen capsulation
16). Evaluation Tests For Tablets
17). Disintegration Test for tablets

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Dental and cosmetic preparation (1)

1). Introduction
2). Classification Of Cosmetics
           • Facial cosmetics
           • Hair make up preparations

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1). Ophthalmic Preparations
2). Anatomy of the eye
3). Drug penetration into the eye
4). Formation of ophthalmic product
5). Preservation and preservatives: Why Preservatives ?
6). Classification Of Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
7). Types of ophthalmic product
8). Special precautions must be taken in the preparation of ophthalmic ointments
9). The most important solutions for contact lenses
10). Packing of ophthalmic preparation

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Dental & cosmetic preparation (2)

1). Introduction
2). Function of cosmetic preparation
3). Classification of cosmetic
4). Formula of compact powder
      Face power, Rough, Cold Cream, Cleansing Cream, Vanishing Cream, Moistureing cream
5). Preparation of eyes makeup
      Eyeshadows, eyebrow pencil, Mascara, lipstick, bleaches, shaving cream, Antiperspirants & Deodorant, Shampoos, Hair dyes, 
6). Formulas of various Dentifrices
      Liquid Dentifrices, Tooth Powders, Tooth Paste

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semisolid dosage form

1). Introduction / Definition2). Advantage / Disadvantages3). Ideal Properties Of Semisolids4). Structure Of skin5). Preparation Of Semisolids Dosage Forms6). Method Of preparation7). Chemical Reaction8). Types of Cream

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1). History2). Advantages / Disadvantages3). GELATIN         • Preparation of Gelatin:        • Properties of Gelatin:4). MANUFACTURE OF EMPTY GELATINCAPSULES:5). Types of Capsules        • Hard gelatin capsules        • Soft gelatin capsules6). Principles of capsule Filling7). FILLING OF HARD GELATIN CAPSULES8). Punch Method9). Finishing of Capsules10). MANUFACTURE OF SOFT GELATINCAPSULES        • Plate process       • Rotary die process       • Accogel machine       • Bubble Method11). EVALUTION OF CAPSULES:           (1) Content uniformity           (2) Disintegration test .           (3)Weight variation test            (4)Dissolution test.           (5)Moisture permeation test:

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