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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MCQs with Answers

Q.1 In Air lift fermenter:
a) the stirring is done using air at high speed
b) the stirring is done using mechanical stirrer
c) stirring is not required
d) stirring is done after the completion of fermentation using mechanical stirrer.

Q.2 It the part of Downstream process:
a) Equipment sterilization
b) Media formulation
c) Recovery and purification
d) Inoculum preparation

Q.3 Oral polio vaccine (sabin) is a:
a) Killed vaccine
b) Live vaccine
c) Subunit vaccine
d) Bacterial product vaccine

Q.4 BCG VACCINE is used for protection against the disease:
a) Malaria
b) Typhoid
c) Tuberculosis
d) Plague

Q.5 Restriction enzymes are called as :
a) Molecular scissors
b) Molecular glue
c) Ligase enzymes
d) Polymerase enzymes

Q.6 which type of restriction enzymes are used in recombinant DNA experiments:
a) Type-I
b) Type-II
c) Type-III
d) Type-IV

Q.7 Function of Ligase enzyme is to
a) Isolate a specific gene sequence from a genome.
b) Join a foreign gene in a vector
c) Extend a gene sequence by addition of nucleotides
d) Protect the self DNA

Q.8 Plasmid is obtained from
a) Virus
b) Bacteria
c) Yeast
d) Molds

Q.9 Cosmid is obtained from
a) Bacteria and Virus
b) Virus and Yeast
c) Yeast and bacteria
d) Molds and Virus

Q.10 Post translational modifications are absent in
a) Bacteria
b) Yeasts
c) Molds
d) Protozoa

Q.11 The first step in the PCR is called as
a) Annealing
b) Denaturation
c) Extension
d) Priming

Q. 12 Using enzyme immobilization methods
a) Enzymes cannot be reused
b) Enzymes can be reused only once
c) Enzymes can be reused several times
d) Enzymes can be reused two times only

Q.13 Enzyme immobilization is a
a) highly toxic process
b) Eco-friendly process
C) Sometimes it becomes eco-friendly process
d) always non eco-friendly process

Q.14 In the microencapsulation method of enzyme immobilization
a) Enzymes come out of the capsule and react with the substrate and go back again into the capsule.
b) the substrate enters the capsule and is converted into the product
c) The capsule dissolves into the reaction mixture
d) the product formed does not come out of the capsule.

Q.15 In a biosensor
a) Cells cannot be immobilised
b) Both cells and enzymes can be immobilised but one at a time for a particular biosensor.
c) Enzymes cannot be immobilised.
d) Neither enzymes nor cells are immobilised.

Q.16 A transducer in a biosensor
a) displays the signal
b) coverts the interaction between the analyte and the immobilized enzymes and into a measurable signal.
c) is used as a bioreceptor
d) is an optional part which is rarely used

Q.17 Using western blotting technique
a) DNA is identified
b) Protein is identified
c) RNA is identified
d) small nucleotide fragments are identified

Q.18 sodium dodecyl sulphate is
a) an anionic detergent
b) a strong cationic detergent
c) a weak cationic detergent
d) not a detergent

Q.19 Stem cells are collected from
a) the umbilical cord
b) the lungs
c) the liver
d) the heart

Q.20 From the bioinformatics tool Protein data bank ( PDB)
a) all the protein files can be freely downloaded
b) only few files can be freely downloaded
c) all the files are paid files
d) some protein files are paid and some are free to download

Answer key:
Q.9. –a