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Pharmacognosy 1 IMP Questions for College examination


Pharmacognosy 1 IMP Questions
1)Write a note on scope and development of pharmacognosy.
2)Enlist source of crude drug describe in brief about marine and animal and tissue culture.
3)Give classification of drugs in
details with suitable examples .
4)Name differentt raditionalsys tem of medicine. Discuss in detail Ayurveda and homeopathy.
5)Name differentt raditionalsys tem of medicine. Discuss in detail Unani, siddha, Chinese.
6) Define glycos ide and alkaloids .
Give classification and proper ty of both in detail.
7)Difference between
Hydrolysable tannin and condensed
tannin Gum Acacia and gum Tragacanth
Fixed oil and volatile oil Organized drug and unorganized drug.
8)What is drug evaluation? Write
downit’s types and explain in detail.
9)Note on plant growth regulator .
10)Define plant tissue culture explain compos ition of nutrient media in details.
10) Give fatty acids Reactions and
explain rancidity of oils .
11) Write a note on acidity of carboxylic
acid and basicity of amine in detail.
12) Write synthesis , reaction and uses
1. Napthalene
2. Anthracene
3. Phenanthrene
13) Write a detailed note on:
1. Acid value
2. Saponification value
3. RM value
4. Iodine value
5. Acetyl and ester value

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