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Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II MCQs with Answers

Subject: Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II

1. Following oil from Meliaceae family:
(a) Sunflower oil
(b)Coconut oil
(c) Croton oil
(d)Neem oil

2. Following test is performed for the identification of Tannins:
(a) Vitali-Morin Test
(b)Goldbeater’s skin test
(c) Murexide Test
(d)Ferric chloride test

3. Diosgenin is isolated from the plant known as:
(a) Theas sinensis
(b)Dioscoria composite
(c) Atropa belladonna
(d)Cassia angustifolia

4. Dragendorff’s reagent does not give positive test with:
(a) Emetine
(c) Caffeine

5. Hyoscyamine, an alkaloid obtained from Atropa belladonna:
(a) Readily racemises to atropine with ethanolic alkali. Atropine is (±)
(b)Readily disintegrates into atropine with acid solution. Atropine is (-)
(c) Readily rearranges into atropine with alkali solution. Atropine is (+)
(d)Readily racemises to atropine with ethanolic alkali atropine

6. Belladonna root contains__________ calcium oxalate crystals.
(a) Acicular
(c) Needle Shaped

7. Caffeine on oxidation with KClO3/HCl gives:
(a) Trimethyl alloxan and urea
(b)Methyl alloxan and dimethyl urea
(c) dimethyl alloxan and methyl urea
(d)None of the above

8. From which crude drug Eugenol is isolated?
(a) Digitalis
(c) Clove

9. Which of the following is/are unorganized drug?
(a) Tragacanth
(c) Aloe
(d)All of the above

10. In which of the following drug Abietic acid is found?
(a) Resin
(c) Taxus

11.Which of the following chemical test is given by Aloe?
(a) Nitrous acid test
(b)Murexide test

(c) Drgendroff’s test
(d)Benedict’s test

12.When Gum Tragacanth is treated with Strong Iodine solution, it gives__________.
(a) Red colour
(b)Green colour
(c) Blue-Green colour
(d)Violet colour

13.Sesquiterpenes contain number of Isoprene units:
(a) 3
(c) 5

14.When Asafoetida triturate with water, it forms ________emulsion.
(a) Yellowish Red
(b)Yellowish orange
(c) Yellowish cream

15.Caffeine can be isolated from:
(a) Coffee beans
(b)Tea leaves
(c) Both

16. Stas-otto process is used for the extraction of _____.
(a) Glycosides
(c) Alkaloids

17.When the drug solution is treated with Mayer’s reagent, it gives______.
(a) Buff coloured precipitate
(b)Creamy-white precipitate
(c) Pink Flocculent Precipitate
(d)Orange Red Precipitate

18.Choose the correct characteristics of the epidermal cells and cuticle of
Atropa belladonna leaf:
(a) Pitted walls with striated cuticle
(b)Wavy walls with striated cuticles
(c) Algal cell wall with smooth cuticle
(d)Straight wall with wavy cuticle

19. The most commonly used Stationary phase in TLC:
(a) keseilghur
(b) Silica Gel G
(c) Calcium hydroxide
(d)Magnesium hydroxide

20. Paper chromatography is based on the principle of_______.
(a) Adsorption
(c) Both


1). – c
2). – b
3). – b
4). – c
6). – d
8). – c
9). – c
11). – a
12). – b
13). – 3
14). – c
15). – c
16). – c
17). – b
19). – b
20). – b