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Pharmacognosy important question

Pharmacognosy (IMP) GTU
Ch-1 Preparation & Standardization of Herbal Extracts

Q.1) Enumerate different parameters for standardization of Amla extract. Explain any two in detail.
Q.2) Give a brief account on Soxhlet extraction with labeled diagram.
Q.3) Discuss in detail process, advantage & applications of counter current extraction.
Q.4) Give principle & application of Ultrasound assisted extraction.
Q.5) Write a note on principle and method of super critical extraction method.
Q.6) Write a short note on modified large scale maceration methods.
Q.7) Discuss the WHO guidelines for standardization of Phytopharmaceuticals
Q.8) Describe the following terms with diagrams:-
(i) Maceration (ii) Percolation (iii) Soxhlet extraction (iv) Microwave assisted method
Q.9) What is the method of preparation and evaluation of Garlic extract? Also describe the uses.
Q.10) Write a note on Garcenia, its C.C, extraction & uses.
Q.11) Describe in detail four different methods which are used to prepare herbal extracts.

Q.12) Describe methods for Preparation of Amla and Garlic extracts.

Ch-2 Evaluation of Phytopharmaceuticals

Q.13) What do you mean by phytopharmaceutical evaluation?
Q.14) Describe different analytical technique employed for phytopharmaceutical evaluation.
Q.15) Discuss Problems faced in India for Phytopharmaceutical evaluation.
Q.16) Explain various physical parameters used for evaluation of herbal drugs.
Q.17) Enlist Parameters for estimation of phytoconstituents by quantitative chemical methods. Explain any two methods.
Q.18) Give qualitative and quantitative analytical methods for evaluation of Alkaloids.
Q.19) Write evaluation techniques for Volatile oil containing drugs.

Ch-3 Isolation, Identification & Analysis of Phytoconstituents

Q.20) Write therapeutic significance, isolation method and qualitative identification of Cinchona alkaloids.
Q.21) Describe a suitable method for isolation of Streptomycin.
Q.22) Write therapeutic uses and different isolation methods of Diosgenin.
Q.23) Enlist sources of Sennosides. Explain principle and procedure for estimation of Sennosides as per IP method.
Q.24) Enumerate different estimation methods of Morphine in Opium. Discuss any two in detail.

Q.25) Give sources and therapeutic significance of Podophyllotoxin. Discuss its method of isolation and purification and identification.
Q.26) Mention natural sources of Rutin. Describe qualitative identification tests and quantitative estimation methods of Rutin.
Q.27) Give method of isolation, identification and estimation of Vitamin A.
Q.28)Mention natural sources of Menthol. Discuss method of isolation, identification and estimation of Menthol.
Q.29) Write a note on Isolation of Penicillin.
Q.30) Write the method of Isolation of Glycyrrhetinic acid.
Q.31) Discuss method of Isolation of Morphine.
Q.32) Write different chemical tests used for identification of Caffeine.
Q.33) Decribe the method of Isolation of Ephedrine.
Q.34) Write method of Isolation of Sennosides.
Q.35) Define and classify terpenoids. Write isolation method of β-carotene.
Q.36) Write different chemical tests for identification of glycosides. Give natural sources for Diosgenin.
Q.37) State major sources of Curcumin and the method of isolation of Curcumin.
Q.38) Mention natural sources for caffeine. Describe in detail method for isolation of caffeine.
Q.39) Enlist different methods for estimation of Citral from natural sources. Describe method for estimation of citral.

Ch-6 Herbal drugs for modern diseases

Q,51) Write a note on natural products used as Anticancer agents.
Q.52) Discuss the modern herbal drugs used as Antidiabetics.
Q.53) Describe in detail recent natural products used as Immunomodulators.
Q.54) Mention recent herbal drugs which are used as Hepatoprotectives.
Q.55) Enlist various herbs used as… (1) Anti-asthematic (2) Tranquilizers
Q.56) Discuss the modern herbal drugs implemented as Hypolipidemics.