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Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-II MCQs with Answers

Class – Third Y.B. Pharmacy (semester-V)

Subject-Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-II

1. Dragendroff’s reagent does not give a positive test with
a) Morphine
b) Codeine
c) Caffeine
d) Emetine

2. Precursor for the biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids is
a) Ornithine
b) Tyrosine
c) Leucine
d) Lysine

3. Which test is performed for the identification of purine alkaloids
a) Vitali-Morin test
b) Van-urk’s reagent
c) Murexide test
d) Bortrager test

4. Mevalonic acid pathway is also known as ..
a)HMG CoA Reductase pathway
b) Acetate-Mevalonate pathway
c) Isoprenoidal pathway

d) All of the above

5. Wagner test is used to detect the presence of
b) Alkaloids
c) Terpenes
d) Glycosides

6.One of the following general charateristics is not true for alkaloids.
a) Nitrogen in the hetrocyclic nucleus
b) pKas less than 7
c) Good solubility in organic solvents
d) Opticaly active

7.In case of Rauwolfia which part of the plant used as medicine
a) Stem
b) Roots
c) Leaves
d) Seeds

8.Which types of stomata are present in catharanthus leaf
a) Paracytic
b) Dicytic
c) Anisocytic
d) Animocytic

9.Synonyms of Opium is
a) Kas-kas
b) Raw opium
c) White poppy
d) all of the above

10. Alkaloids derived from tyrosine
a) Papaverine
b) Ergot
c) Tropane
d) Anabasine

11. Lysine acts as a precursor for
a) Anabasine
b) Morphine
c) Papaverine
d) Purine

12.Flavonoids are biosynthetically derived from
a) Shikimic acid pathway
b) Mevolonic acid pathway
c) Acetate pathway
d) None of the above

13. Steroidal saponins are biosynthesized via
a) Shikimic acid pathway
b) Mevalonic acid pathway
c) Aceto-Acetate pathway
d) Calvin’s cycle

14. Pyrrole and pyridine ring is present in
a) Aropine
b) Vinblastine
c) Digitoxine

d) Quinidine

15. Aloin from aloe contain which type of glycoside
a) S-glycoside
b) N-glycoside
c) O-glycoside
d) C-glycoside

16. Saponin glycoside shows one of the following property
a) Laxative
b) Astringent
c) Foaming
d) Anticonvulsant

17. Glycoresine is made up of
a) Resins &sugar
b) Resin & volatile oil
c) Resin & gum
d) Resin & fixed oil

18. Myrrh contain important acid
a) Comiphoric acid
b) Abietic acid
c) Benzoic acid
d) Acetic acid

19. Ginger contain approximate fiber
a) 2%
b) 3%
c) 4%

d) 5%

20.Glycyrrhiza is a
a) fruit
b) bark
c) flower
d) under ground stolon

21.Example for proto alkaloid
a) Morphine
b) Reserpine
c) Ephedrine
d) None of the above

a) Santonine
b) Citral
c) Menthol
d) Rutin

23. Senna leaf belongs to the family
a) Aposyanaceae
b) Leguminosae
c) Rutaceae
d) Rubiaceae

24. Flurimetric analysis is used in estimation of
a) Thymol
b) Sennaside
c) Quinine

d) Morphine

25. Fenchole is important constiotuents of
a) Coriander
b) Fennel
c) Clove
d) Ajwon

26. Clove stalks can be identified in clove buds by the presence of
a) Starch grains
b) Cystollithus
c) Lignified sclereids
d) Acicular crystals of calcium oxalate

27.Foxglove leaves is synyname of
a) Senna
b) Digitalis
c) Vasaka
d) Nux-vomica

28. Which is not an example of oleoresins
a) Myrrh
b) Capsicum
c) Canada balsam
d) Copaiba

29. Condensed tannins are called as
a) Hydrolysable tannins
b) Non-hydrolysable
c) Pseudotannins

d) Prototannins

30. Tannic acid is an antidote in ……poisoning
a) Iodine
b) Cyanide
c) Alkaloids
d) Arsenic

31. Gambier fluorescin test is used for drug
a) Pale catechu
b) Black catechu
c) Ashoka
d) Arjuna

32. Malbar kino is synonyme of
a) Pale catechu
b) Black catechu
c) Ashoka
d) Pterocarpus

33. Pale catechu + vaniline + HCL shows …………colour
b) Red
c) Green
d) Violet

34. Cupraloin test is positive due to presence of
a) Barbaloin
b) Isobarbaloin
c) Aloin A

d) Aloinside B

35. Modified anthraquinone test is positive for drug
a) Aloe
b) Senna
c) Digitalis
d) Senna pod

36. Chotachand is synonyme of
a) Vinca
b) Rauwolfia
c) Nux-vomica
d) Datura

37. Thalleoquin test is used for identification of
a) Atropine
b) Vincristine
c) Quinine
d) Strychinine

38. In condensed tannin ferric chloride test give which colour
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Green
d) Violet

39.Test for cardiac glycosides
a) Legal’s test
b) Baljet’s test
c) Raymond’s test

d) All of the above

40.Himalayan yew is synonyme of
a) Taxus
b) Artemesia
c) Rauwolfia
d) Digitalis

41. Number of isoprene unit present in diterepenes
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

42. In case of ginger which part is used as medicine
a) Stem
b) Rhizomes
c) Leaves
d) Bark

43. Guggul is a……type of resin
a) Oleo-gum-resin
b) Glycoresin
c) Oleo resin
d) None of the above

44. Performing this test we can differentiate pale catechu and black catechu
a) Chorophyll test
b) Ferric chloride test
c) Lime water test
d) Matchstick test

45. Amygdala amara is synonym of
a) Amla
b) Aloe
c) Arjuna
d) Bitter almond

46. Caffeine + tannic acid
a) Red ppt
b) White ppt
c) Black ppt
d) Yellow ppt

47. In case of Eugenia caryophyllus which part of the plant used as medicine
a) Flower bud
b) Seed
c) Fruits
d) Root

48. CORIENDER LEAF contain vit-
a) Vit-A
b) Vit- C
c) Vit- D
d) Vit- E

49. Artemisinin is used as
a) Antimalarial
b) Antidiabetic
c) Analgesic

d) CNS stimulant

50. Caffeine is
a) CNS Stimulant
b) CNS Depressant
c) both a & b
d) none of the above

51.Ma-haung is synonym of
a) Ergot
b) Ephedra
c) Punarnava
d) Ginseng

52. Drug + triturate with water=yellowish brown emulsion
a) Colophony
b) Myrrh
c) Asafoetida
d) Ginger

53. Vinca comes under which alkaloid
a) Tropane
b) Indole
c) Purine
d) Quinolone

54. Yam is synonym of
a) Safed musali
b) Dioscorea
c) Liquorice

d) Strophanthum

55. Which methods of isolation used for perfume manufacturing
a) Eculle
b) Enflurege
c) both
d) none of this

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56. Which alkaloid called as Amino alkaloids
a) True alkaloids
b) Pseudo alkaloids
c) Protoalkaloids
d) All of the above

57. Alkaloid derived from tryptophane
a) Morphine
b) Papaverine
c) Ergot
d) Sedamine

58. Abietic acid is constituent of
a) Myrrh
b) Colophony
c) Turmeric
d) Ginger

59.Most of the alkaloids have test
a) Sweet
b) Sour
c) Bitter

d) Spicy

60. Number of chiral centers present in morphine are
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five