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Pharmacology GPAT 2020 Question paper analysis

GPAT-2020, Pharmacology question with detailed explanation. Pharmacology made easy. Opioid receptor types are explained. Antiplatelet drug-Clopidogrel, Fibrinolytic drug- Urokinase, Vasopressin analog-Desmopressin & Erythropoietin Actions are explained in detail. Antiepileptic drugs -Lamotrigine mechanism of action& all the classification is explained. 5-Flourocytosine conversion to 5-Flourouracilis explained Osmotic diuretics action with properties is explained. D-tubocurarine mechanism of action is explained. The physiological effects of Ganglionic stimulants are explained with the help of a diagram. Carbochol and its structural congeners are explained .cotrimoxazole -Mode of action and its adverse effects are explained. Adrenaline -actions on the Cardiovascular system is explained.