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Pharmacology MCQs with Answers (Part:- 3)

Pharmacology MCQs with Answers (Part:- 3)

1. What is a side effect of nifedipine?
A) Heart block
B) Constipation
C) Proarrhythmia
D) Ankle swelling

2. What is mechanism of aprotinin?
A) Inhibit protease
B) Inhibit plasminogen
C) Inhibit plasmin
D) Inhibit plasminogen activator

3. Which Ca++ channel blocker is used in arrhythmia?
A) Verapamil
B) Nimodipine
C) Nifedipine
D) Diltiazem

4 What is mechanism of action of organonitrates?
A) Activate soluble GC
B) Activate membrane bound GC
C) Activate membrane bound AC
D) Activate GC and AC

5 Monday morning sickness is a side effect of
A) Nicorandil
B) Sodium nitroprusside
C) Glyceryl trinitrate
D) Amlodipine

6 Which of the following antihypertensive has longest half life?
A) Nifedipine
B) Verapamil
C) Amlodipine
D) Diltiazem

7 Which one is a phenylalkylamine?
A) Propranolol
B) Verapamil
C) Felodipine
D) Glygeryl trinitrate

8 Nicorandil is
A) K+ channel opener
B) Ca++ blocker and NO synthesis enhancer
C) Na+ channel blocker
D) K+ channel opener and NO synthesis enhancer

9 Which one is a phase IV selective antiarrhythmic drug?
A) Nifedipine
B) Verapamil
C) Ivabradine
D) Livosimendan

10 Digoxin is used in the treatment of
A) Supraventricular tachycardia with Wolf Parkinson white syndrome
B) Wolf Parkinson white syndrome
C) Decompensated hyponaetremic HF
D) Rapid atrial fibrillation

11 Which is not contraindicated with digoxin?
A) Verapamil
B) Spironolactone
C) Furosemide
D) Hydrochlorothiazide

12 Huntington disease is mainly due to neuronal deficiency of
A) Dopamine
B) Glutamate
C) Gamma amino butyric acid
D) Acetylcholine

13 Which one is used in refractory Parkinsonism?
A) Cabergoline
B) Amantadine
C) Benztropine
D) Levodopa

14. Bromocriptine is used in treatment of
A) Cretinism
B) Acromegaly
C) Gynecomastia
D) Acute dystonia

15 All are free radical scavenger except
A) Tirilazad
B) Pramipexole
C) Vitamin E
D) Lisuride

16 Mechanism of action of aniracetam is
A) Release of glutamate
B) Inhibition of GABA
C) NMDA agonist
D) Cerebral vasodilation

17 Mechanism of action of memantine is
A) Glutamate antagonist
B) AMPA antagonist
C) NMDA antagonist
D) GABA agonist

18 Which is rate limiting enzyme in synthesis of histamine?
A) Tyrosine hydroxylase
B) Histidine hydroxylase
C) Aminoacid decarboxylase
D) Tryptophan hydroxylase

19 Mecamylamine is a
A) Primary amine
B) Secondary amine
C) Tertiary amine
D) Quaternary ammonium

20. Which increased probability of sodium channel opening?
A) Batrachotoxin
B) Tetrodotoxi
C) Dendrotoxin
D) Tubocurare

21. Which of the following is used as a surface anaesthetic?
A) Lignocaaine
B) Bupivacaine
C) Prilocaine
D) Benzocaine

22. All are therapeutic indication for diuretics except
A) Complicated hypertension
B) Nephrotic syndrome
C) Cirrhosis of liver
D) Diabetes insipidus

23. What of the following is a side effect of hydrochlorothiazide?
A) Hypercalciuria
B) Hypochloremic alkalosis
C) Hypouricemia
D) Hypomagnesuria

24. Which is a non-thiazide diuretic?
A) Bumetanide
B) Metolazone
C) Bendroflumethiazide
D) Diazoxide

25. Low dose of probenecid act as a
A) Hyperuricaemic
B) Hypouricaemic
C) Uric acid synthesis inhibitor
D) Stone solubilizer

26. All actions of citrate inhibits urinary stone formation except
A) Alkalinization of urine
B) Inhibition of uric acid formation
C) Anionic charge deposition
D) Blocking Na channel

27. Which of the following is side effect of clonidine?
A) Hypercalciuria
B) Orthostatic hypotension
C) Hypouricemia
D) Hypomagnesuria

28. Digoxin is given with
A) Furosemide
B) Ethacrynic acid
C) Amiloride
D) Hydrochlorothiazide

29. What is mechanism of fenfluramine?
A) Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
B) Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor
C) Non-selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
D) Serotonin degradation inhibitor

30. Which is a COX-3 inhibitor?
A) Ketorolac
B) Paracetamol
C) Indomethacin
D) Valdecoxib

31. Which receptor is responsible for long term potentiation in memory?
C) Kainate
D) Matabotropic glutamate

32. Whichof the following increased bioavailability of levodopa?
A) Amantadine
B) Bromocriptine
C) Benserazide
D) Entacapone

33 What is mechanism of flumazenil?
A) GABA-B agonist
B) GABA-A agonist
C) GABA-A antagonist
D) GABA-B antagonist

34. What is therapeutic indication of fenfluramine?
A) Obesity
B) Diabetes
C) Edema
D) Asthma

35. Which is known as a street drug?
A) Phencyclidine
B) Lysergic acid diethylamide
C) Ketamine
D) Mescaline

36. What is a therapeutic indication of acetazolamide?
A) Manic depressive disorder
B) Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder
C) Glaucoma
D) Salicylate poisoning

37. Which of the following used in pulmonary oedema caused by acute heart failure?
A) Spironolactone
B) Sodium carbonate
C) Indapamide
D) Bumetanide

38. Icatibant is a
A) Bradykinin receptor antagonist
B) Prostacyclin receptor antagonist
C) Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
D) Sodium channel blocker

39. What is mechanism for iron elimination?
A) Desquamation
B) Defecation
C) Active secretion
D) Glomerular filtration

40. Classical hemophilia is a defect of plasma clotting factor
B) X

41. Bioassay defines as:
A) Toxicity of drug is compared with standard drug
B) Potency of drug is compared with Standard drug
C) Bioavailability of drug is Compared with standard drug
D) none of this

42. Following activity is assayed for digitalis bioassay in cat
A) Increase in heart rate
B) mydriasis
C) Fall in Blood pressure and death
D) Liver glycolysis

43._________ with paracetamol decreases the onset time for analgesia.
A) Ondansetron
B) Metoclopromide
C) Pantoprazole
D) All

44. Anticholinergic agents can increase the amount of _______ absorbed and may precipetate toxicity
A) Paracetamol
B) Rabeprazole
C) Digoxin
D) Cyclosporine

45. By which mechanism NSAID reduce sodium and water excretion
A) Prostaglandin
B) Antiprostaglandin
C) Synergism
D) Potentiation

46. Aspirin decreases effectiveness of ________ by increasing its excretion
A) Vit. A
B) Vit. C
C) Vit. D
D) Vit. E

47. ___________ decreases response of anticoagulants due to enhanced hepatic synthesis of clotting factors.
A) Egg yolk
B) Citrus fruits
C) Green leafy vegetables
D) All

48. __________ is not an example of synergistic effect.
A) Trimethoprim + Sulfamethoxazole
B) Aspirin + Codeine
C) Estrogen + Progesterone
D) Paracetamol + Pargyline

49. Which an example of beneficail drug interaction?
A) Levodopa + Carbidopa
B) Aluminium salt and Magnesium salt
C) A and B
D) Paracetamol + Carbohydrate

50. Wrfarin + Sulfipyrazone causes___
A) Hypertensive crisis
B) Haemorrhagic episodes
C) Cardiac arrhythmias
D) Respiratory paralysis


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