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Pharmacology of ANS, PNS & Autacoids (Part:- 4) MCQs with Answers

Pharmacology of ANS, PNS & Autacoids

1. This short acting selective b-blocker used in the treatment of arrhythmias :
a. Esmolol
b. Carvedilol
c. Celiprolol
d. Bisoprolol

2. Finasteride is :
a. 5a reductase inhibitor
b. Androgen receptor inhibitor
c. Estrogen agonist
d. Steroids

3. Maximum anti-cholinergic action is seen with which H1 blocker ?
a. Diphenhydramine
b. Cinnarizine
c. Loratadine
d. Chlorpheniramine

4. Sympathomimetic drugs are useful in the therapy of all the following conditions except :
a. Acute decompensated heart failure
b. Hypotension
c. Hypertension
d. Erectile dysfunction

5. All are anticholinergic drugs except :
a. Scopolamine
b. Dicyclomine

c. Cyclimine
d. Carbachol

6. Which of the drug which causes post-anesthetic muscle stiffness ?
a. Fentanyl
b. Pyridostigmine
c. Succinylcholine
d. Gallamine

7. Beta II receptors are found in :
a. Arterioles
b. Veins
c. SA node
d. Myocardium

8. Timolol is preferred in glaucoma over pilocarpine,because :
a. It is most effective than Pilocarpine
b. Enhances Uveo-scleral outflow
c. Produces less ocular side effects
d. It has no contraindications

9. Shortest acting anticholinesterase is :
a. Edrophonium
b. Pyridostigmine
c. Glycopyrrolate
d. Neostigmine

10. MOA of prototype drug propranolol :
a. Selective beta-1 blocker
b. Nonselective beta blocker
c. Selective beta-2 blocker
d. Alpha+Beta blocker

11. Salbutamol is :
a. β2 agonsit
b. β2 antagonist
c. β1 antagonist
d. β1 agonsit

12. True regarding phenylephrine are all except :
a. Used as a nasal decongestant
b. Causes reflex bradycardia
c. Causes hypotension
d. Causes mydriasis

13. Sumatriptan is :
a. Selective 5-HT ID/IB receptor
b. Useful in migraine
c. Suppresses vomiting
d. All of he above

14. Not an endogenous catecholamine :
a. Isoprenaline
b. Dopamine
c. Noradrenaline
d. Adrenaline

15. The mechanism of action of Cromolyn sodium is by :
a. Leukotreine antagonist
b. Beta 2 agonist
c. Mast cell stabilizer
d. Inhibits neutrophils

16. Which of the following drug precipitates an attack of glaucoma in subject with narrow angle ?
a. Dark environment
b. Atropine
c. Sleep
d. Timolol

17. The reason for not using prostaglandins in tocolysis is :
a. They are teratogenic and causes fetal structural abnormalities
b. They may close the patent ductus arteriosis prematurely
c. Cause placental hypoxia
d. None of the above

18. Mechanism of action of sodium chromoglycate :
a. Direct bronchodilator effect
b. Inhibition of release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators
c. Antimuscarinic effects
d. Both A and C are correct

19. Drug useful in the medical management of BPH :
a. Nifedipine
b. Clonidine
c. Glycopyrrolate
d. Finasteride

20. Physostigmine is used in the following drug overdosages except :
a. Edrophonium hydrochloride
b. Imipramine
c. Thiordiazine
d. Chlorpromazine

21. Shortest acting mydriatic is :
a. Atropine
b. Homatropine
c. Tropicamide
d. Cyclopentolate

22. Not an endogenous catecholamine :
a. Isoprenaline
b. Dopamine
c. Noradrenaline
d. Adrenaline

23. Most common receptor in heart are:
a. Beta 1
b. Beta 2
c. Alpha 1
d. Alpha 2

24. Most common receptor in heart are ?
a. beta 1
b. beta 2
c. alpha 1
d. alpha 2

25. B1 action of epinephrine is not seen in:
a. Angina pectoris
b. Ventricular arrhythmias
c. Slow arrhythmias
d. Intestinal relaxation

26. Famotidine and cimetidine are different in their action of :
a. Oral absorption
b. Duration of action
c. Mechanism of action
d. Antiandrogenic action

27. Epinephrine is not useful in :
a. Local hemostasis
b. Anaphylaxis
c. Local hemostasis
d. All of the above

28. Not an indication for the use of Beta blockers :
a. Variant angina
b. Migraine
c. Hypertension
d. Classical angina

29. About succinylcholine, false statement is :
a. Neostigmine reversal
b. Persistent depolarization
c. Short acting
d. Metabolised by pseudocholinesterase

30. Mechanism of action of sodium chromoglycate :
a. Direct bronchodilator effect
b. Inhibition of release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators
c. Antimuscarinic effects
d. Both A and C are correct

31. Which of the following is a “5HT3 blocker” ?
a. Ondansetron
b. Tamsulosin
c. Dazoxiben
d. Primagrel

32. Acid production is decreased by which class of drug :
a. H1 antagonists
b. H+ K+ pump blocker
c. Nicotinic receptor blockers
d. All of the above

33. Both a mydriatic and cycloplegic :
a. Tropicamide
b. Homatropine
c. Atropine
d. Ipratropium bromide

34. Which of the following drug decreasing cholinesterase activity :
a. Oxotremorine
b. Carbachol
c. Bethenechol
d. Edrophonium

35. H1 receptor blocker is :
a. Ranitidine
b. Thioperamide
c. Mepyramine
d. Burimamide

36. β-blocker drugs are contraindicated in all except:
a. Peripheral vascular disease
b. Bronchial asthma
c. Congestive heart failure
d. Subvalvular aortic stenosis

37. β2 selective antagonist is :
a. Metoprolol
b. Acebutolol
c. Oxeprenolol
d. Butoxamine

38. Sympathetic stimulation produces the following effects except :
a. Erection
b. Ejaculation
c. Mydriasis
d. Vasoconstriction

39. Which of the following drug is not used in raised intraocular pressure :
a. Timolol
b. Betaxolol
c. Metipranolol
d. Atenolol

40. Side effects of acetazolamide are all except :
a. Acidosis
b. Hypokalemia
c. Depression
d. Dermatitis

41. Short acting nondepolarizing agent is :
a. Succinylcholine
b. Mivacurium
c. Vecuronium
d. Atracurium

42. Suxamethonium is contraindicated in all except :
a. Pre-operative hypokalemia
b. Preoperative hyperkalemia
c. Open eye surgery
d. Paraplegia

43. Antihistaminic with least sedative action is :
a. Promethazine
b. Chlorpheniramine
c. Terfenadine
d. Dicyclomine

44. Acetazolamide is :
a. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
b. Xanthine oxidase inhibitor
c. A highly potent diuretic
d. None of the above

45. Which of the following drug does not cause hypokalemia :
a. Gentamicin
b. Propranolol
c. Amphotericin B
d. Amiodarone

46. H1 blocker with least sedative effect is :
a. Chlorpheniramine
b. Promethazine
c. Terfenadine
d. Diphenhydramine

47. All are true about lidocaine, except :
a. Prolongs refractory period
b. Dose need to be altered in renal failure metabolism by hepatic flow
c. It is very little affected by pH and heat
d. Loading dose before continuous infusion

48. Timolol can be given in all except selective β blocker :
a. Myocardial infarction
b. Bronchial asthma
c. Peptic ulcer
d. Congestive heart failure (CHF)

49. Fasciculation are caused by :
a. Vecuronium
b. Suxamethonium
c. Atracuronjum
d. Pancuronium

50. Dose of ketotifen is :
a. 1-2 mg/d OD (1-2mg BD)
b. 10 mg I/V children 0.5 mg BD
c. 5-10 mg BD oral
d. None of the above


  • 1. a. Esmolol
  • 2. a. 5a reductase …
  • 3. a. diphenydramine
  • 4. c. Hypertension
  • 5. d. Carbachol
  • 6. a. Fentanyl
  • 7. a and b
  • 8. b. Enhances …
  • 9. a. Edrophonium
  • 10. b. Nonselective …
  • 11. a. β2 agonsit
  • 12. c. Causes …
  • 13. d. All of he …
  • 14. a. Isoprenaline
  • 15. c. Mast cell …
  • 16. b. Atropine
  • 17. d. None of the …
  • 18. None
  • 19. d. Finasteride
  • 20. a. Edrophonium …
  • 21. c. Tropicamide
  • 22. a. Isoprenaline
  • 23. a. Beta 1
  • 24. a. beta 1
  • 25. d. Intestinal …
  • 26. None
  • 27. a. Local …
  • 28. a. Variant …
  • 29. a. Neostigmine …
  • 30. None
  • 31. a. Ondansetron
  • 32. b. H+ K+ …
  • 33. c. Atropine
  • 34. d. Edrophonium
  • 35. c. Mepyramine
  • 36. c. congestive …
  • 37. d. Butoxamine
  • 38. a. Erection
  • 39. d. Atenlol
  • 40. c. Depression
  • 41. b. Mivacurium
  • 42. a. Pre-operative …
  • 43. c. Tefrenadine
  • 44. a. Carbonic …
  • 45. b. Propanolol
  • 46. c. Terfenadine
  • 47. a. Prolongs …
  • 48. b. Bronchial …
  • 49. b. Suxamethonium
  • 50. a. 1-2 mg/d OD …